In the garden 

Good morning friends. Have a pleasant day💚

River birch in the garden 


Regrowing green onions 

In the garden🌾  It’s sunny and warm here this morning 

Green onions 

I replanted bottom part of it, from store bought green onions.

They did grow greens but looks like growing seeds too.

Now if they don’t grow any onions underneath, it’s all good, to me this is my biggest accomplishment 🙂

Do replant the vegetables after use.

There are many vegetables, you can regrow to get fresh greens, if you get lucky you can have vegetables not to mention it’s free 🙂

Enjoy your day 💚

My garden animals:)

Breakfast time for our stray cats in garden :)It’s Mom Brownie and her four, Wild Willie, junior Willie, Baby Brownie and Goldy I also gave her Indian name Godhavari 🙂 it’s Holy river in India.Mom Brownie got hurt in a leg hope she feels ok soon. That’s one family:)

Second family is

Ojloo and his two brothers, we call them Wild Orange and junior Orange.

Happy to see Ojloo came back after four days, went to explore 🙂 Ojloo’s Mom Red Nose left leaving them underneath my garden shed, never came back. mom Brownie left too, she recently came back because she got hurt in a leg. They eat twice a day and sleep in my back porch on my swing at night 🙂 having good time in my garden 🙂

Glad our Oliver don’t mind them 🙂 

Last hurricane all left and never came back except Valmas one child we use to call will at that time, turn out girl so I name her Kesar 🙂 my great grandma’s name, in English we call her cashew 🙂 the one who took shelter in house at time of hurricane Irma, since then Cashew with us, having great time with Oliver 🙂

Lemongrass chai or tea🌱☕️

Lemongrass chai or tea🌱 ☕️

Making lemongrass tea using fresh lemongrass from my garden 🙂

Although lemongrass growing all around in my garden, this is my first time making lemongrass tea. 

I thought it might taste sour since it has lemon flavor but surprisingly it turned out delicious full of lemon flavor but not sour, very refreshing tea .

Lemongrass tea is so simple.

Let’s see how I made my tea 🙂

Boil about two cup of water

Add few pieces of lemongrass stems in boiling water 

Add spoonful of tea 

Add piece of grated ginger 

Let it boil for minute or two 

Add one cup milk

Let it boil again 

Add sugar to your taste

Lemongrass tea is ready to enjoy 🙂

Have a delicious cup of lemongrass tea ☕️