In the garden 

Good morning friends. Have a pleasant day☕️Sunrise from my back porch, looks like it’s going to be a cold and sunny day here in South Georgia 🙂

Enjoy your day ❤️


In the garden 

In the garden🍂🍃🍁🌳 This morning while raking leaves took some pictures, made a huge vegetable bed using pampas grass I trim down couple of weeks ago, made three small bed using maple leaves I collected, will be nice and useful by summertime,last to okra left 🙂 tulsi leaves and some seeds browning because of cold, radishes growing good, mulch all myturmerics  lots of leaves to be dropped, this doesn’t includes my flower garden where my pecan tree leaves waiting for me to play with 🙂 it cold but these falling autumn leaves makes it all pleasant, love to be outside❤️

Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead, enjoy ❤️

Turmeric tea

Turmeric Tea.🌱
Fresh turmeric tea is healthy, delicious and simple to make.
Take about three cups of water to boil.
Once water starts boiling add
fresh piece of turmeric shredded if available or use turmeric powder.
I used one tsp fresh turmeric powder which I made at home with fresh turmeric from garden by drying and grind it to powder.
Small piece of ginger grated
Pinch of black peppers,
Piece of cinnamon stick.
Let it boil for few minutes.
when it’s ready add
One tablespoon of honey.

Squeeze a piece of lemon

Stirring it well
enjoy this healthy and delicious tea hot any time.

If you like cold Let it cool down

Add honey 

Squeeze piece of lemon

Add couple of ice cube if you like cold drink

Enjoy in hot summer days 

Hope you like this recipe 

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Have a wonderful day friends.❤️

All about Bittermelon 

In the garden 🌾Bitter melon 

Bitter melon or bitter gourd also known as Karela in India , more popular in Asian countries. 

Bitter melon is unique vegetable has bitter taste, comes in different shapes and sizes some are more bitter than others.

Health benefits 

Bitter melon has many health benefits mainly known for reducing blood sugar levels, more popular as diabetic medicine.

How to grow

Bitter melon is easy to grow , need a warm sunny location, well drain soil, soak seeds overnight to speed up the germination, can be planted directly in the soil in early summer, sow seeds one inch deep spared 12 inches apart, will need some kind of support to grow plant produces male and female yellow flowers to pollinate to produce vegetable.

How to harvest

Harvest when small and tender before it make seeds, if you want to save seeds for next season like me let some grow to mature and rip to yellow color with red color seeds it’s amazing sight to see.

let it dry completely before harvesting seeds.

How to use

You can sautéed with spices, make a juice , slices to dry to make chips or powder to use as medicine.

Here are some bitter melon pictures of my vegetable garden, some dried bitter Mellon chips and powder I made and some fried chips with spices and bitter melon bread I mad, also saved some seeds for next season.

Hope you enjoy 🙂

Note: recipes for Bittermelon flat bread and spicy Bittermelon chips already posted, if interested.

Happy gardening 🌿🍃🌱🍂🌾