Peppermints 🍃

Peppermints are a herbs from a mint family, has much stronger favor and smell than any other mints .

Peppermints mostly used for making tea, you get tired of drinking same old ginger tulsi tea 🙂 

Can be used in making  oil,  flavored drinks . Also used in toothpaste and candy.

It has many medicinal values great for digestion,tension headache, diabetes and blood pressure and many more.

In garden, rub a few peppermint leaves on arms and legs, mosquitos will stay away from the smells.

I only plant l peppermints once few years ago, now they keep coming every spring, sometimes it’s very cold in winter then will die down but comes back in spring.

I use  in a tea so also dry some for winter time .

Almost year around I have peppermints in garden.

Love it ❤️

Do plant few herbs in the garden. They are very valuable not just as a food but as a medicine and preventive medicine .

Here some pictures of peppermints in garden.

Hope you enjoy.

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Last harvest of turmeric.

Although only few turmeric plants left to harvest, I harvested more turmeric than I expected. Before it gets too cold outside I wanted to finish working on my turmeric garden.
It took me whole day to dig, harvest and cleanup. After harvesting most of turmeric, I divided each plant in to several plants and planted back in to ground for next season. Turmeric will not grow in winter but will come back in late spring this way I don’t have to buy turmeric roots every year to plant.
I had good harvest of turmeric this season. I made turmeric pickle for year around to eat with our everyday food.
Here are some pictures of my last turmeric harvest.


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