Thought for the day 

Among many colorful daylilly in garden and yellow orange is my favorite color, however this daylilly captures my attention, 

love the changing colors from saffron orange to dark red, like pomegranate . At the end of its life.

This short lived flowers leaves lasting impression on my mind

It’s not important how long you live, but how well you lived while living.

Hope you enjoy too 🙂
Daylilly growing in vegetable garden among turmeric, cucumbers, peppers and others.

Have a pleasant day💚


Thought for the day 

Thought for the day it’s always something to be happy about.

look for it .

 Beautiful sunrise from my vegetable garden, love the scenery ❤️

Crape myrtles in the garden.

This morning, I was looking outside  from my breakfast window while having morning tea and writing daily journal ,I glance at nearby crape myrtle full of pink flowers, instantly put smile on my face 🙂

One thing about crape myrtle is that, they look very colorful and eye pleasing but to really appreciate the the beauty of this flower, you have to look at it very closely. 

It’s nature’s  work of art  you can’t help but to amazed.

I like to show you the pictures of this small wonderful crape myrtles with their magnificent flowers in my garden.

Hope you enjoy 🙂

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    Sautéed okra.

    This spicy okra is quick and easy to make.
    You only need few ingredients to make this delicious okra
    Since okra get slimy, it’s good to make in small portion.


    Okra about 1 cup wash, towel dry and cut in small pieces.
    2 tablespoons oil
    1 tsp mustard seeds
    Pinch of hing.
    1 tsp red chili powder
    1/2 a tsp salt
    1/2 tsp turmeric powder


    Let’s cook
    On a medium heat in a pan add oil
    When oil gets hot add mustard seeds
    Add pinch of hing.
    Add okra ang stir
    Add turmeric powder
    Add red chili powder
    Add salt
    Mix it all
    Cover it only for a minute until okra starting to get softer now keep it uncover and let it cook on low heat keep stirring until okra gets cooked, dry, little crispy.
    Do not cover it until okra cools down.
    Your sautéed okra is ready to eat with rice, dal or roti.

    Hope you like this sautéed okra recipe.
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    Have a wonderful day.

    In the garden: Coriander

    While most Asian countries call it coriander, the rest of the world calls it cilantro. Coriander has tiny seeds, that can be use  whole, crushed or powdered. In Indian cooking, for its flavor and leaves, we use to make chutney and garnish foods. Coriander leaves are more popular in Mexican cooking as cilantro to make salsas and guacamole. Besides being an aromatic and flavorful herb coriander has many health benefits.

    As we know, herbs are very expensive to buy. Growing your own herbs are not only cheap but you have fresh herbs available whenever you need and nothing beats fresh herbs from your garden. Coriander is cool season herb that can be planted in fall and spring. It needs some sun and well watered and moist soil. Coriander don’t like heat so in warmer weather plants starts to make flowers and then produce seeds.

    Since I live in south, some of my plants produce flowers. I let them grow so I can have some seeds to use in cooking and save some to plant next season. If you just want to grow for leaves, you have to keep cutting leaves as they grow. You will have a chance to cut fresh leaves for two or three times before it stops growing more leaves.

    I let some of my plants grow not just for seeds but their pure white flowers I love.
    Here are some pictures of my coriander plants, flowers and seeds for you to enjoy.




    Hope you like my garden.
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