Tips on orange peels 

Tips onWays to use orange peels 🍊

How to freeze oranges🍊

How to dry orange peels🍊 

How to make dried orange peel powder🍊 
Orange peel is full of vitamins as healthy as orange plus there are so many ways can be used. 

Ways to use orange peels🍊

Instead of throwing it away, save it .

Orange peel has many use in cooking to flavor food, to flavor drinks, to polish furniture, to clean teeth, to make orange peel candy, use zest for food,.

dry orange peel to make orange peel powder to make facial mask using orange peel powder and coconut oil, great for brightening skins,make all purpose cleaner, to deodorize the microwave it smells great 🙂

or if you don’t want to use it, 

add it in your garden and compost but don’t just throw it in a garbage .

These are just name a few but if you google it, you will find many more useful ideas to use orange peels.
How to freeze orange 🍊

Since I had a bag full of oranges, I freeze some by separating in trays 

Place the trays in freezer for couple of hours 

This way when you freeze , they won’t stick together.

Take it out

Place it in a freezer bags 

Great for making smoothies 
How to dry orange peels🍊

Peel the oranges

Cut peels in small pieces 

Spread it in a large try to dry

Should be ready in few days 

Once it’s dry completely store it in a jar for multiple uses to make orange peel powder.
How to make orange peel powder 🍊

To make orange peel powder 

Simply user grinder to grind 

I use coffee grinder, it works perfect 

If it feels grainy., repeat couple of times to make desire consistency.

Hope you find this useful also suggest any use you may know of orange peels, I would like to know:)

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Sautéed zucchini 

Quick easy and healthy

Sautéed zucchini 


Garden fresh, Thinly Sliced couple of zucchinis 

Couple of tablespoons olive oil 

Salt to taste 

Couple of tablespoons of organic hot salsa 

Lets sautée

In a pan add olive oil

Once oil start moving around

Add sliced zucchini 

Cook both side by turning upside down for a minute 

Add salt to taste 

Add hot  salsa to enhance taste

Turn it around couple of times until water from salsa and zucchini disappear and looks dry

Do not over cook, otherwise you will loose the flavor of zucchini 

Once you see zucchini slightly turning brown 

Turnoff the stove,

 take zucchini out in dish right away for crunchy taste 

Do not leave in hot pan once it’s done, otherwise it will over cook and will turn soft and won’t taste the same

Have this sautéed zucchini hot and fresh for maximum taste to enjoy 🙂

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