Oatmeal banana smoothie.

Oatmeal banana smoothie with nuts and honey.🍌🍶🍯
This is quick, easy and healthy  energizeing smoothie I love to make  with only few ingredients.
Let’s start with the ingredients.
One banana, I use frozen bananas, I always keep in freezer, very handy you can use anytime.
Two tablespoons ground oatmealone tsp ground flaxseed 
One cup milk
Few pieces of nuts, you like
One tablespoon honey
Note: I always keep some ground oatmeal ready for my smoothie using coffee grinder.

Let’s make smoothie.
In a blender:
Place cut banana pieces
Add milk
Add oatmeal

Add flaxseed powder 

Add nuts of your choice, I just add few pecans since I have pecan tree 🙂
Blend it.

Pour smoothie in a glass or bowl 

Drizzle honey on top
Your oatmeal banana smoothie is ready to enjoy.

Hope you like this recipe 🙂
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Garlic greens chutney 

Garlic greens chutney.🌶🌿🍋Ingredients:

Fresh garlic greens from garden.🌱

Fresh cilantro. Equal or less to garlic greens.🌿

Couple of jalapeño peppers.

Piece of ginger.

Few cloves of garlic.

Couple of tablespoons red chili powder or less.🌶

Salt to taste.

Fresh lemon juice to taste.🍋 
Half a tsp sugar to taste.

One tsp cumin powder.

Half tsp coriander powder.


Wash clean and cut all greens, shred ginger and garlic.


Place all ingredients including spices in food processor.

Blend it to desire consistently, not to thick, add water if needed, 

Try to blend it fine but not too pasted for better taste.

Take it out in a clean jar, refrigerate to keep it fresh for few days.

Tastes great with Roti. Pita bread,Nan and vegetables. It enhance the flavor of food.you can also spread on a toasted slice of bread to make sandwiches.

Hope you like this recipe:)


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imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageHave you ever collected seeds, any kinds of seeds, flowers seeds, vegetables seeds or fruits seeds or beans seeds. Collecting seeds is very easy and fun thing to do. Lately I am all about collecting seeds.
Many ways you can collect seeds. It depends what you want to collect seeds from.
Vegetables like squash, cucumbers and gourds, you have to let them mature on vine and left it to sun dry on vine.
I also collected okras, peppers,lettuce seeds, coriander seeds, mustard seeds from my garden.
There are some seeds like watermelon, cantaloupe and tomatoes you scrape it out, clean , towel dry then allow them to completely dry before storing in cool dry place.
I also collected some seeds from my kitchen table from store bought vegetables and fruits, lemons, Apples, avocados and one mango seed. lemon, avocado and mango already growing in garden.

here are some of my seeds I collected for next season, also some plants I am growing from saved seeds and some with seeds maturing and drying on plants.

hope you enjoy my seed collection and my garden.

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Orange peels

Ways to use orange peels 🍊How to freeze oranges🍊

How to dry orange peels🍊 

How to make dried orange peel powder🍊 
Orange peel is full of vitamins as healthy as orange plus there are so many ways can be used. 

Ways to use orange peels🍊

Instead of throwing it away, save it .

Orange peel has many use in cooking to flavor food, to flavor drinks, to polish furniture, to clean teeth, to make orange peel candy, use zest for food,.

dry orange peel to make orange peel powder to make facial mask using orange peel powder and coconut oil, great for brightening skins,make all purpose cleaner, to deodorize the microwave it smells great 🙂

or if you don’t want to use it, 

add it in your garden and compost but don’t just throw it in a garbage .

These are just name a few but if you google it, you will find many more useful ideas to use orange peels.
How to freeze orange 🍊

Since I had a bag full of oranges, I freeze some by separating in trays 

Place the trays in freezer for couple of hours 

This way when you freeze , they won’t stick together.

Take it out

Place it in a freezer bags 

Great for making smoothies 
How to dry orange peels🍊

Peel the oranges

Cut peels in small pieces 

Spread it in a large try to dry

Should be ready in few days 

Once it’s dry completely store it in a jar for multiple uses to make orange peel powder.
How to make orange peel powder 🍊

To make orange peel powder 

Simply user grinder to grind 

I use coffee grinder, it works perfect 

If it feels grainy., repeat couple of times to make desire consistency.

Hope you find this useful also suggest any use you may know of orange peels, I would like to know:)

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Fruits and nuts chocolate barks.

imageimageIt’s holiday season, time to celebrate, time to make some sweet treat 🙂

Feel like making some chocolate barks with fruits and nuts.

Home made chocolate barks is super easy, quick, simple and delicious. It’s a healthy snack for whole family.
To make chocolate barks, you can use your choice of chocolate. Sweet, semisweet milk chocolate or dark chocolate. You can use your choice of nuts or mix of fruits and nuts.

Prepare dish with parchment paper to pour chocolate in it.
On a low heat, place a pan, add some water, on top of that place a smaller size pan in such a way so water don’t touch the smaller pan in which you going to add chocolate to melt.
Add chocolate, let it melt on low heat, use a wooden spoon to stirr, keep stirring until all chocolate melt evenly.
Pour melted chocolate in a dish you already have prepared, spread evenly.
Sprinkle your choice of nuts and fruits, pressing it gently let it cool down. Refrigerate to cool down completely.
Break it into pieces, store it in a jar, keep it in a refrigerator for cool and crispy barks. Enjoy.
Hope you like this recipe.
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