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White turmeric pickle.

imageimageimageWhite turmeric also known as zedoary. White turmeric belongs to turmeric family. This turmeric is rare to find and mostly available in south Asian countries and Asian markets. Unlike yellow turmeric, whites turmeric also have many health benefits but it’s not as famous as yellow turmeric.
White turmeric taste totally different than yellow turmeric. It tastes like raw mango but not sour and white from inside.
I grow yellow turmeric in my garden every season to make pickle and eat fresh.
This summer I tried to grow white turmeric, it did very well. During summer I made fresh pickle many times.
It grows same way as yellow turmeric. Plant it when weather gets warm, it takes about whole season to grow.
Here are some pictures of white turmeric in my garden and harvest of white turmeric and white turmeric pickle I made.
To make white turmeric pickle
White turmeric cleaned, peeled and sliced
Couple of jalapeño peppers sliced
Salt to taste
Fresh lemon half.
In a bowl
Place turmeric and peppers.
Add salt.
squeeze fresh lemon juice.
Mix it all
Fresh pickle is ready to eat with Dal, rice, vegetables and roti or your favorite food.
Keep it refrigerated, will stay fresh for couple of weeks.
Hope you like white turmeric in the garden and pickle recipe.
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