Pancakes My breakfast this morning 🙂

Although I like oven roasted vegetables for breakfast, I am eating something different for change 🙂


Made pancakes on my indoor grill 

Grated organic Irish butter on top 

Drizzle Local Georgia honey 

Enjoyed with organic whole milk

Delicious breakfast❤️

Tip :

I grated butter over hot pancakes for quick and easy spread since refrigerated butter is cold and hard, you might like to try next time .

Hope you like my breakfast recipe 🙂

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Enjoy your day friends ❤️

In the garden: Lemongrass

Lemongrass is a tropical herb from grass family with citrus smell and flavor. Mostly known for its medicinal properties, also popular in Asian cooking and making tea. Lemongrass plants or roots easily available in Asian markets and easy to grow in home garden or in pots. It grows well in partly sun, well drained but moist soil. Lemongrass will turn brown in fall like any other leaves that makes a good mulch for other plants in the garden.

Lemongrass in my garden are all grown from one single plant. A lady from Thailand gave me a plant from her garden. I never saw lemongrass before but it smelled so good and I like its grassy looks so I took it and plant it in my garden. Now I have lemongrass all over my garden. Thank you Ott for the plant you gave me.
Every fall I cut down all the leaves and spread it around other plants in the garden. Then I divide lemongrass plant into two or three for next year. Now my garden is full of lemongrass which smells heavenly. When wind blows, it moves with the the breeze creating melody of music in the garden.

I love this ornamental grass, gives unique look to your garden and creates a sense of tranquility in any garden.

Here are my lemongrass in the garden.





Hope you like my garden.
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