In the garden bittermelon 

In the garden Hidden gem 🙂

About to ripe bittermelon found this morning, keeping it for seeds, which also grown from the seeds I saved from last season.

Let the few vegetables ripe on vine, to go to seeds.

Have a pleasant day 🙂


In the garden 

In the garden Good morning friends☕️

Flower of okra.

Summer is time to enjoy fresh flavorful vegetables and greens.

however must not forget to enjoy the magical beauty of vegetable flowers.

Master piece created by nature 🙂

Flower of okra or ladies finger.

Have a pleasant day ❤️

Garlic greens 

Garlic greens Garden fresh garlic green to make spicy sautéed garlic green.

Taste delicious 🙂


Recepie for garlic greens already posted , if you like to try.

And bottom part with the roots will go back in garden for planting to regrow again.

Never throw away. 

There are many vegetables can be regrow again and again.

It’s one way to grow free food 🙂