In the garden 

In the gardenIt’s cold outside, while doing last minute cleaning in the garden, found some hidden treasure 🙂

While most of summer vegetables gone, garlic, radishes and peppers doing well.

Here some pictures, see what I found 🙂

Enjoy ❤️


Sautéed okra

Okra.Lady finger.

Okra a relative of tropical flower hibiscus grows well in hot summer weather. Very productive and reaches up to seven or feet tall sometime.okra grows so fast you have to pick them almost every day. Tastes best when picked small and tender.

Okra has many health benefits like improves blood sugar levels, good source of fiber which helpes in digestion and helps to reduce risk of heart disease.

You can eat okra many ways, sautéed. Stir fry adding little oil , salt, turmeric powder and red chili powder. This is my favorite way to eat okra. Believe me I eat this okra almost every other day.

 Some people like it fried, some people like to add in soups.

Before I forget I must say okra flowers are attractive, colorful and eye pleasing.

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All about Bittermelon 

In the garden 🌾Bitter melon 

Bitter melon or bitter gourd also known as Karela in India , more popular in Asian countries. 

Bitter melon is unique vegetable has bitter taste, comes in different shapes and sizes some are more bitter than others.

Health benefits 

Bitter melon has many health benefits mainly known for reducing blood sugar levels, more popular as diabetic medicine.

How to grow

Bitter melon is easy to grow , need a warm sunny location, well drain soil, soak seeds overnight to speed up the germination, can be planted directly in the soil in early summer, sow seeds one inch deep spared 12 inches apart, will need some kind of support to grow plant produces male and female yellow flowers to pollinate to produce vegetable.

How to harvest

Harvest when small and tender before it make seeds, if you want to save seeds for next season like me let some grow to mature and rip to yellow color with red color seeds it’s amazing sight to see.

let it dry completely before harvesting seeds.

How to use

You can sautéed with spices, make a juice , slices to dry to make chips or powder to use as medicine.

Here are some bitter melon pictures of my vegetable garden, some dried bitter Mellon chips and powder I made and some fried chips with spices and bitter melon bread I mad, also saved some seeds for next season.

Hope you enjoy 🙂

Note: recipes for Bittermelon flat bread and spicy Bittermelon chips already posted, if interested.

Happy gardening 🌿🍃🌱🍂🌾

Collecting bitter melon seeds

Bitter melon seeds.saved from two ripe Bitter melons.

Always let few vegetables mature on vine to go to seeds, collect them to save for next season.

You will not have just seeds but, in the process, you will learn more about the vegetables, from planting seeds, to collecting new seeds,

otherwise you will never got to see vibrant color of ripe bitter melon and bright red color of coated seeds.

It’s amazing experience 🙂

Know how to store and freeze aloe Vera

Aloe  vera is highly medicinal plant has multiple uses and great plant to have n garden or in house, can be use for multiple skin problems also can be use in juice or smoothie.

I have a few plants in garden, to store it in freezer for later use

take a one fresh aloe Vera leaf

wash it good with warm water,

towel dry it, cut it in to pieces

trim both sides of the pieces, peel the skin off , place all the aloe Vera pieces in a freezing tray. Keep it in a freezer for few hours than take it out, place them in a freezer bag for future use.

its very easy to freeze and very useful in emergency.

hope you like this recipe.

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