In the garden 

It’s cool this morning here in South Georgia☕️ Let’s take a walk in the garden 🙂


Collecting bitter melon seeds

Bitter melon seeds.saved from two ripe Bitter melons.

Always let few vegetables mature on vine to go to seeds, collect them to save for next season.

You will not have just seeds but, in the process, you will learn more about the vegetables, from planting seeds, to collecting new seeds,

otherwise you will never got to see vibrant color of ripe bitter melon and bright red color of coated seeds.

It’s amazing experience 🙂

Sautéed okra

Okra.Lady finger.

Okra a relative of tropical flower hibiscus grows well in hot summer weather. Very productive and reaches up to seven or feet tall sometime.okra grows so fast you have to pick them almost every day. Tastes best when picked small and tender.

Okra has many health benefits like improves blood sugar levels, good source of fiber which helpes in digestion and helps to reduce risk of heart disease.

You can eat okra many ways, sautéed. Stir fry adding little oil , salt, turmeric powder and red chili powder. This is my favorite way to eat okra. Believe me I eat this okra almost every other day.

 Some people like it fried, some people like to add in soups.

Before I forget I must say okra flowers are attractive, colorful and eye pleasing.

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Have a wonderful day.t

Sautéed ridge gourds

In the garden🌾Harvested basket full of ridge gourds this morning, also cook some of them, made sautéed ridge gourd vegetable for dinner to eat with khichadi and buttermilk our favorite food for dinner:). 

Some friends ask me for recipe for this vegetable. 

This is simplest vegetable to make and tastes amazing.

First prepare:

Wash, cut all the hard edges and hard skins. cut in middle take a small piece and taste it to make sure none of them are bitter, if you find any bitter one throw it away do not use it. Use only good tasting ones, cut them in small pieces to cook.

Make tampering :

Adding oil, mustard seeds, cumin seeds and pinch of hing

Once mustard seeds stop splattering add little bit turmeric and red chili powder in to oil for extra rich color, right after add ridge gourds you prepare and mix it well.

Now add salt, coriander powder, cumin power and extra red chili powder according to your taste. Mix it again, cover it , let it cook on medium heat. Do not add water, sugar or any sour. 

Let it cook, stirring one time.

Should be ready in less than15 minutes.

I heard some people in south eat this ridge gourd vegetable with rice on some kind of special occasion. But in my family we love this vegetable with Khichadi made with mung or Tuvar dal, buttermilk and bhakhri , Gujrati flat bread soft inside but crispy out side with ghee and home made mango pickle on side:)

Hope you like my recipe.

Have a wonderful day.

Happy gardening🌾

Bittermelon in the garden 

In the garden.Bitter melons.

Bitter melons also called bitter gourd or karela.

Bitter melons known for its medicinal purposes. Bitter melon has many health benefits, good for diabetes. Known to lower blood sugar levels , maintain healthy has a bitter taste not everyone likes.

You can use bitter melons so many ways. 

You can stir fry or sautéed adding spices, you can juice it and add in your favorite juice or smoothie. Make chips adding salt and red chili powder. Also you can make bitter melon flat bread adding spices call it Nan, paratha or roti. I call it Karela na dhebra. My favorite, taste good with yogurt. I also sun dry , grind it and make powder to add in juice or smoothie. I like to use powder in buttermilk. Add salt , black pepper and cumin powder My favorite 🙂

Try to use bitter melon in your diet any way you like for good health for you and your family.

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Have a pleasant day❤️