Regrowing Greens in the garden 

I guess no need to mention that what I am eating for breakfast:) 🌿You guessed it right:) I love eating green vegetables in breakfast.

I should say I love free food 🙂

All these cabbage and broccoli greens are regrew from the kitchen waste. 

I planted a bottom part back in the garden after using it.

It is kind a free food and greens are more tastier and heather than actual vegetable.

Try to plant it back and regrow whatever you can to minimize the the waste. It will help the environment and you will get a free food🌿

Hope you like my garden.

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Note: all the recipes for all kinds of green are already posted, feel free to visit.

Have a wonderful day friends❤️


Regrowing green onions 

In the garden🌾  It’s sunny and warm here this morning 

Green onions 

I replanted bottom part of it, from store bought green onions.

They did grow greens but looks like growing seeds too.

Now if they don’t grow any onions underneath, it’s all good, to me this is my biggest accomplishment 🙂

Do replant the vegetables after use.

There are many vegetables, you can regrow to get fresh greens, if you get lucky you can have vegetables not to mention it’s free 🙂

Enjoy your day 💚

Sautéed Spinach🍃Garden fresh spinach sautéed with 

olive oil.



red chili powder🌶

turmeric powder.

pinch of hing or asafetida powder. 

Few mustard seeds.

Few cumin seeds 

Let’s sauté spinach🍃

In a saucepan


Couple of tablespoons cooking oil .

Once oil gets hot and starts swirling around 

Add mustard seeds.

Add cumin seeds.

Once seeds starts cracking 

Add pinch of hing or asafetida powder. 

Add chopped or thinly cut garlic pieces Before garlic turn brown 

.Add pinch of turmeric powder.

Add clean spinach🍃

Add red chili powder according to your taste🌶

Add salt to taste.

Mix it all well

Cover it just for a minute or so, spinach is full of water, will give out lots of water

Mix it well once and leave it uncover

Let most of water boil down leaving just slightly juicy so you can easily eat with roti, pita bread, bread buns or flat breads .

Tastes delicious with pita bread and yoghurt.

Have a wonderful day friends.