In the garden 

In the garden Enjoying raining day 🙂

Instead of going for morning walk, decide to walk around garden, feels very refreshing 🙂



In the garden 

In the garden🍂🍃🍁🌳 This morning while raking leaves took some pictures, made a huge vegetable bed using pampas grass I trim down couple of weeks ago, made three small bed using maple leaves I collected, will be nice and useful by summertime,last to okra left 🙂 tulsi leaves and some seeds browning because of cold, radishes growing good, mulch all myturmerics  lots of leaves to be dropped, this doesn’t includes my flower garden where my pecan tree leaves waiting for me to play with 🙂 it cold but these falling autumn leaves makes it all pleasant, love to be outside❤️

Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead, enjoy ❤️

My Sugar maple in autumn 🍁

When I moved from Newyork to South Georgia, I saw oak trees, crape myrtles,pecans and pine trees everywhere but no maples , coming from north,seeing all colorful maples in autumn, I know I will surely miss them so I decided to plant couple of maples , sugar maples and southern maple in my garden along with crape myrtles, river birches and southern magnolias.

Love my maple trees in autumn ❤️

Here some pictures for you to enjoy 🙂