Tulsi seeds

Harvested some tulsi seeds today 🙂


In the garden 

In the garden. 🌾🌿🍂🌱🍃🌻🌳Good morning friends. Have a pleasant day☕️

It’s sunny, and cool this morning. 

Let’s walk with me 🙂

walking around my vegetable garden see how everything growing and thinking what needs to be done today, weed around vegetables, cut unwanted and dry leaves, trim crape myrtles before it gets too hot.

my favorite part of gardening begins, with watering. I love watering garden in the morning, water each plant individually to observe it’s leaves, flowers and vegetables. For me it’s far more important to look at the plant closely, to observe each and everyone individually to get in touch with nature to feel connected, to be one with nature and experience what nature has to offer. it gives me immense pleasure… 🙂

Stay connected with nature to be blissful 

have a happy Sunday❤️ 

Happy gardening.🌾🌿🍃🌱🍂🌻🌳

In the garden 

In the garden🌾 Good morning friends ☕️

It’s hot and sunny this morning, must work before 9 am , after that it gets very uncomfortable. Decide to trim some cannas this morning before breakfast, sweating like crazy, it’s dripping down from my eyebrows like a rain, going crazy between wiping my face with my tee shirt and chopping this canns 🙂 so much to do but must stop for now.

Have a pleasant day friends❤️