In the garden

In the garden🍃 When I don’t see any ridge gourd to harvest, I feel suspicious 🙂

so then I have to use my Metal chair I keep in garden to check if any hiding from me sometimes I have to take out my metal ladder it’s that high, huge and all over my garden shed.

This two guys hiding, enjoying their last days in the garden with so many young ones 🙂

While I am going through all this 

its extremely hot sunny morning here in South Georgia, not to mention mosquitos, good thing I have so much peppermints and lemon basil growing even in this heat, first thing I do is rub bunch of mints all over my hand and legs, it helps a lot, must try.

Herbs growing in abundance even in this heat, I am not complaining, I harvest tulsi leaves and seeds almost every morning.

Life is good when you are in garden.

Hope you all have a good time too🌾


Ridge gourd flowers

In the garden Ridge gourd flowers looks at its best at evening time. 

They looks so mesmerizing you can’t take your eyes off 

Enjoy 🙂

Spicy kale chips🌶

Spicy kale chips🌿

Kale chips baked in oven adding just a few spices to make it zesty, delicious and nutritious healthy chips.


Wash kale couple of times, scrape up all the good leaves, wash it one more time, towel dry than place it in baking sheet.


Salt to taste

Red chili powder according to your preference

Pinch of garlic powder

Couple of pinch of sugar to balance out the flavor

Drizzle couple of tablespoons of olive oil

Mix it well first with two hands than slightly rub one at a time making sure each and every leaf covered with oil and spices

Than place it in a single layer for extra crispy chips.


Preheat the oven for 350 degrees

Bake it for 12 to 15 minutes

Turn off the oven

Let it cool down for few minutes.

Crispy and spicy kale chips tastes delicious.

It’s a treat to eat 🙂

Had a great time making it as well as eating:)

so pleased with the result 🙂

Have a wonderful time friends ❤️

Jalapeño pickle

Jalapeño pepper pickle made with garden fresh jalapeños.

Pepper pickle can be made different ways,depending how long you want to keep it. This pickle is easy and needs only few ingredients. You can make this pickle in a few minutes.
Let’s start making pickle.

About 1 cup jalapeño peppers. Washed, dried and cut into whatever shape you like.
4 tsp mustard seeds crushed
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
1tsp salt or according to taste
1/2 fresh lemon

In a bowl,

Add cut peppers
Add salt
Add turmeric
Add mustard seed powder
Squeeze fresh lemon
Mix it all
Store in a clean jar
Keep it refrigerated

Your pepper pickle is ready to eat with your favorite food. This pickle will stays fresh for few weeks.
Hope you like this recipe.
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Thank you🍃


Pancakes My breakfast this morning 🙂

Although I like oven roasted vegetables for breakfast, I am eating something different for change 🙂


Made pancakes on my indoor grill 

Grated organic Irish butter on top 

Drizzle Local Georgia honey 

Enjoyed with organic whole milk

Delicious breakfast❤️

Tip :

I grated butter over hot pancakes for quick and easy spread since refrigerated butter is cold and hard, you might like to try next time .

Hope you like my breakfast recipe 🙂

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Enjoy your day friends ❤️