Crape myrtles in the garden.

This morning, I was looking outside  from my breakfast window while having morning tea and writing daily journal ,I glance at nearby crape myrtle full of pink flowers, instantly put smile on my face.

One thing about crape myrtles are they look very colorful and eye pleasing but to really appreciate the the beauty of this flower, you have to look at it very closely. It’s nature’s  work of art  you can’t help but to amazed.

I like to show you the pictures of this small wonderful crape myrtles with their magnificent flowers in my garden.

Hope you enjoy.

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Have a wonderful day friends.

    Spiced and steamed taro leaves and sautéed taro stems recipes 

    Two recipes for taro leaves Taro leaves 🍃 and sautéed taro stems🌱

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    Patra pan, or Advi pan.🍃

    As a gardener I always have taro leaves growing in my garden, it grows so fast and so many that I have to compost some of the leaves 🙂

    Taro grows so easily, you only plant it once, they keep coming back every spring, looks amazing in the garden.

    I make patra so often since I have freshly available, wanted to write recipe since llong time , recently got request for it so , finally I Decide to write it.

    Taro is used as vegetable, almost whole plant is eatable, you can use roots or rhizomes as vegetables, leaves you can steam also their stems can be used as sautéed vegetables.

    Let’s make taro leaves first.


    10 to 15 taro leaves 🍃

    Two cup chickpeas flour

    Couple of tablespoons rice flour

    One tablespoon tarmerind paste

    Couple of pieces of Jeggary 

    One tsp Salt to taste

    Two tsp Red chilli powder more or less🌶 according to your taste

    Half tsp Turmeric powder

    One tsp Coriander and cumin powder

    For tempering 

    Three or four tablespoons Oil

    One tsp Mustard seeds

    Pinch of Hing

    Couple of tablespoons Sesame seeds 

    Few Green peppers 

    To garnish 

    Some Coriander leaves🌿

    Shredded coconut 


    Wash, clean taro leaves and keep it in a water for few minutes then let it dry, keep it a side.

    Prepare water about one cup adding tarmerind paste and Jeggary 

    Wash cut green peppers in long strips 

    Prepare batter

    In a large bowl 

    Add chickpeas flour

    Add rice flour

    Add salt

    Red chilli power🌶 

    Turmeric powder

    Coriander powder

    Cumin powder 

    Make a thick batter using water you prepare with Jeggary and tarmerind paste

    Make a batter like a paste.

    To make a roll

    Use largest leaves first

    Spread the batter keeping the darker side down 

    Take another leaf, place on the first one, keeping green side down, spread the batter with your fingers 

    Repeat about 4 To 5 Leaves

    First roll about few inches of leaves from both side.

     start rolling from one side

    At the end place a little batter to sealed to make a roll.

    Make all the rolls same way and steam them in steamer or cooker 

    Take out the rolls, let it cool for few minutes, cut it into round pieces 

    Make tempering 

    In a large saucepan 

    Add oil

    Once oil gets hot 

    Add mustard seeds

    Add sesame seeds

    Add pinch of hing

    Add green peppers you cut

    Add pinch of salt to it 

    Add the patra pieces 

    Mix well

    Now that patra is ready

    Garnish with

    shredded dry coconut 


    chopped coriander leaves.

    Patra is ready to enjoy with ketchup, chutney and tea☕️

    Hope you like this recipe:)

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    Thank you ❤️
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    Sautéed patra stems :🌱
    Instead of throwing it away the patra stems, make a patra stem vegetables 

    Wash all the stems first

    Take it out all the outer skins by peeling 

    Cut the peeled stems in to small pieces 

    Make the tampering or Vaghar 

    Place couple of tablespoons oil in cooking pan

    Once oil is hot enough 

    Add mustard seeds

    Add cumin seeds

    Once once seeds start spluttering 

    Add add couple of dry red chill

    Add pinch of hing

    Add cut stem pieces and mix

    Add salt to taste

    Add red chilli powder to your taste

    Add coriander and cumin powder

    Mix well

    Add sugar to your taste

    Add fresh lemon juice to your taste

    Mix it well

    Cover it

    Let it cook

    Stems has enough water in it so don’t need to add any water

    Cook on a slow flame.

    It cooks in few minutes 

    Once it turns soft and tender, turn off the heat

    Sautéed patra stems ready to serve with favorite roti, parathas or pita bread.

    Tastes delicious 🙂

    Hope you like these recipes.

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    Turmeric pickle

    imageThis turmeric pickle stays fresh for long time if you keep it in a refrigerator. I grow turmeric in my garden so every fall when I harvest fresh turmeric, I make this pickle for whole year. This pickle is spicy, healthy and full of flavor.

    Let’s make a turmeric pickle.

    2 cups fresh turmeric. Peeled, washed, towel dry and sliced or shredded.
    2 tsp salt or less according to taste
    1/2 tsp turmeric powder
    3 table spoon red chili powder. Add more or less according to your taste.
    2 tsp mustard seeds crushed.
    2 tsp fenugreek seeds crushed.
    2 tsp pickle masala available in any Indian grocery stores. You can make this pickle without pickle masala too. I like to add pickle masala for extra taste.
    1 tsp sugar.
    2 fresh lemon’s juice. Make sure you take out seeds.
    1 cup mustard oil
    1 tsp mustard seeds
    Pinch of hing or asafetida powder.
    You can use any spice more or less , if you don’t like taste of mustard oil  you can use half mustard oil and half olive oil.

    Now let’s heat oil in a saucepan on a medium heat
    When oil starts moving around in pan, that means oil is ready
    Add mustard seeds
    When mustard seeds starts spluttering or cracking turnoff the heat, take oil pan to one side .
    Add pinch of hing in hot oil and let it cool.
    While oil is cooling
    Prepare turmeric for pickle
    In a large bowl
    Place shredded turmeric
    Add salt, turmeric powder and lemon juice first
    Mix it well until incorporated.
    Now add remaining ingredients
    Starting with
    Crushed mustard seeds
    Crushed fenugreek seeds
    Pickle masala if you have
    Red chili powder
    Mix all the spices well in shredded turmeric
    Now wait for oil to cool down completely.
    Meanwhile make jar ready for pickle by washing with
    Dish detergent in hot water and dry completely.
    By this time oil should be cool and ready to use
    Add oil in turmeric pickle
    Mix it all well until everything incorporated.
    Your turmeric pickle is ready to store in a jar.
    Keep it refrigerated

    Your turmeric pickle is ready to enjoy with your everyday meals. It’s healthy for you and adds touch of a zest to any food you eat with.



    Hope you like this recipe.
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    Grow your own food, support who grows food for you.

    Grow your own food andsupport who grows food for you.

    While having cantaloupe for breakfast this morning, I am still thinking about yesterday. 

    My son Sushil came home with cantaloupe, told me a story about the little boy,
    selling cantaloupe and watermelon with his mother in the parking lot of his job place.

    Boy came and ask Sushil, 

    Mister can you buy one cantaloupe, it’s only One dollar and fifty cents.

     Sushil calmly said I don’t need it

    Boy said ,

    come on Mister, everyone have couple of dollars in the pocket.

    even I have fifty cents change ready if you have two dollars.

    Sushil look at the boy for a second.

    he was cute, sweet and smart little boy,

    trying to help his mother to sell cantaloupes in extreme hot day. 

    Sushil went ahead and bought a cantaloupe from a little boy.

    When Sushil came home 

    first thing he says,

    Mom little boy who was selling cantaloupe was so cute 🙂 

    I am still thinking about the boy who trying to help his mom:)

    Friends do support our farmers, roadside stands, people selling on streets.

    Help them survive.

    Just imagine how hard they work to grow food for us! 

    what they charge for is nothing compared to the effort they put it in to grow.

    I told Sushil to get me watermelon next time if little boy show up again 🙂

    With smile my son says ok ok I get you watermelon next time 🙂 

    Still thinking about little boy trying to help Mom 🙂

    So sweet ❤️