Pav Bhaji 

For lunch 🍴Pav bhaji🌶🍅🍆🍋🌽

Sautéed vegetables with spices to eat with butter toasted bread Buns and garlic chutney and sweet onions on side.🌶

To sauté vegetables 🍅

Heat oil in a saucepan 

Add mustard seeds.

cumin seeds.

pinch of hing.

Add onions 

Sauté for minute

Add turmeric powder for rich color 

Add chopped tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants,green beans, corns, peas, carrots. Bell peppers and mix.



Red chili powder 

Coriander powder 

Cumin powder


Add ginger chopped 

Pay bhaji masala 

Stirr, let it cook.

Add cilantro chopped

Mix it well

Enjoy with butter bread, onions with salt and fresh lemon juice and garlic chutney 🌶

Know how to store and freeze aloe Vera

Aloe  vera is highly medicinal plant has multiple uses and great plant to have n garden or in house, can be use for multiple skin problems also can be use in juice or smoothie.

I have a few plants in garden, to store it in freezer for later use

take a one fresh aloe Vera leaf

wash it good with warm water,

towel dry it, cut it in to pieces

trim both sides of the pieces, peel the skin off , place all the aloe Vera pieces in a freezing tray. Keep it in a freezer for few hours than take it out, place them in a freezer bag for future use.

its very easy to freeze and very useful in emergency.

hope you like this recipe.

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