Tulsi seeds

Harvested some tulsi seeds today 🙂


Khaman Dhokla with khaman chutney 🌶🌿

Khaman Dhokla Khaman dhokla is famous Gujarati dish 🙂

Quick, easy and healthy makes in a minutes with very few ingredients.


Two cups of chickpeas flour 

Half a cup plain yogurt 

Two tsp salt or to your taste

One tsp baking soda 

One green chili finely chopped 

Small piece of ginger finely chopped 

Coriander leaves for garnish 

Green peppers to add in tampering 


Mustard seeds

One cup water or enough to make batter 


In a bowl


Chickpeas flour



Green peppers 


Add water little bit at a time so you don’t get any lumps in batter

Make batter by whisking so you get smooth consistency like pancake batter

Once batter ready

Add baking soda

Mix it well

Keep it aside 

Make few tablespoons of sugar warehouse to add in a tampering later adding a one tsp sugar keep it aside.

Let’s cook 

In a large pot or you can use steamer if you have.i use pot.

Add enough water in a pot three cup or so

Place stand or ring in pot to place a mold or baking dish, 

make sure water underneath shouldn’t touch the baking dish.

Now add couple of tablespoons oil in a baking dish to cover the bottom of the dish

Place the dish on the stand you placed in a pot

Turn on the the heat on high

Once water start boiling 

Sprinkle pinch of sugar on baking dish

Once again mix the batter you prepare 

Pour it in a hot baking dish you placed in a cooking pot

Cover it 

Let it cook for about ten minutes or so

Should be ready in less than ten minutes so stay around 

Turn off the heat

Take out the dish out of cooking pot

Let it cool for couple of minutes 

Cut the way you like

Make tampering:

In a cooking pan 

add couple of tablespoons oil

Once oil start moving around in pan

Add mustard seeds about one tablespoons 

Add green peppers cut in a pieces if you like extra hot

Once green peppers sautéed a little 

Add pinch of salt enough for peppers 

Add pinch of hing , asafetida powder if you have

Once tampering ready 

if you like little sweeter taste of it 

Make about four,five tablespoons of sugar water adding one tsp sugar and add it to this tampering 

Pour the tampering on a khaman dish

Spread it around covering all of he khaman 

Garnish with shredded coconut and

Fresh coriander leaves or call it cilantro.

Serve it hot with ketchup coffee or tea

Khaman Chutney:


One cup chickpeas flour

One cup yoghurt 

Couple of green peppers 

Small piece of ginger

One tsp of salt or to your taste 

One tsp sugar 


Chop or cut green peppers in a smaller pieces 

Grate a ginger 

Mix flour and yogurt first

Add water slowly into flour and yogurt batter

Mix it well to incorporate 

Now make tampering:

Add couple of tablespoons of oil in a pan

Once oil get hot and moving around 

Add mustard seeds

Once seeds starts spluttering 

Add hing

Add  peppers you prepare 

After peppers sautéed 

Add the flour batter you prepare slowly while mixing 

Continue mixing, do not stop

While mixing 

Add salt, sugar and ginger you prepare 

Keep cooking until it thickens to desire consistency 

Serve this delicious chutney hot with the Khaman

Tastes good 🙂

Hope you like this recipes 
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Vegetable sandwich 

Made veg sandwich for lunch with🍅🧀🍃🌶🍞🌿

Arnold’s whole grain health nut bread🍞

Sargentos Provolone cheese🧀 

Romaine lettuce fresh from garden🍃 



Baby spinach🍃 

Sweet vadalia onions 

Sweet pickles 

Hot and sweet peppers🌶 

Pickled jalapeño🌶

 sea salt 

Black peppers 

And touch of pickle masala 🌶

In the garden 

In the gardenPampas grass🌾 

Trying to trim down more than eight feet tall pampas . It’s hard to trim pampas as its almost three feet long, razor blade sharp and thin strips leaves will cut your skin even it touches you slightly, you have to be extremely careful, must wear good gloves and long sleeve shirt, my lawnmower guy told me there’s snake in there, that’s scary, I wear my long rain boots, in case 🙂

I am going to cut down to About at least three feet, it’s raining on and off, and if it’s not raining , it’s extremely hot most of the day, so I only working on morning and evening, manually so I don’t know how many days it will take 🙂 plus so much to do in vegetable garden, turmeric leaves are turning yellow, soon need to dig up, also preparing vegetable bed for fall planting, so behind, not to mention must pick pecans and rake leaves every day, not worried about my maple leaves, they can wait, too much to mention, must stop here 🙂

Have a happy autumn days🍂🍃🍁🌳🐿❤️