In the garden 

In the garden Good morning friends ☕️

Eating fresh pecan just dropped,

It tastes just like fresh green coconut 🙂

My pecan tree doing great, going to have lots of pecans to pick this fall, not to mention lots of fall leaves to pick but I am not complaining, 🙂 

I love to rack fall leaves, just waiting for it 🙂

Squirrels having amazing time in my garden so does Oliver, cats, birds, love all things in nature 🐿🐶🐱🐤🐞🐝🌳

Have a pleasant day❤️


Happy friendship day❤️

Good morning friends. Have a pleasant day☕️There is a friend out there 🙂

You can visit in any time of the year day or night🌞🌙

Rain or shiny summer days☔

️cool or snowy winter night❄

️Pleasant spring days with cool greens🍃

or colorful autumnal days with eye pleasing leaves🍁

Constantly reminds us to be hopeful and happy in any situation 🙂

Stay in touch with a friend call Nature🌳 

Have a happy friendship day friends💐

Love you all ❤️

Spicy kale chips🌶

Spicy kale chips🌿

Kale chips baked in oven adding just a few spices to make it zesty, delicious and nutritious healthy chips.


Wash kale couple of times, scrape up all the good leaves, wash it one more time, towel dry than place it in baking sheet.


Salt to taste

Red chili powder according to your preference

Pinch of garlic powder

Couple of pinch of sugar to balance out the flavor

Drizzle couple of tablespoons of olive oil

Mix it well first with two hands than slightly rub one at a time making sure each and every leaf covered with oil and spices

Than place it in a single layer for extra crispy chips.


Preheat the oven for 350 degrees

Bake it for 12 to 15 minutes

Turn off the oven

Let it cool down for few minutes.

Crispy and spicy kale chips tastes delicious.

It’s a treat to eat 🙂

Had a great time making it as well as eating:)

so pleased with the result 🙂

Have a wonderful time friends ❤️