In the garden 

Good morning friends. Have a pleasant day☕️Celebrate world environment day today and everyday 🌳

Plant a garden not only for us but, birds, bees, and butterflies 🌾

Most importantly do plant a trees to save our environment, to save Mother Earth 🌳

Celebrate everyday go garden🍃

Proud to see this sugar maple every morning, since  I planted 🙂

Sugar maple 🌳

In the garden 

Good morning friends. Have a pleasant day☕️While I am trying to understand the principles of permaculture gardening in more depth, simplest way to sum it up and explain is that, garden the way it benefits earth. environment and humans which also protects birds, bees and butterflies.

work with the nature, after all gardening is all about being in touch with nature❤️

Fenugreek leaves flat bread🌿




Fenugreek leaves flat breads 🌿
Methi leaves Thepla or Methi na dhebra.
Made with:
Whole wheat flour, Milet flour or bajri flour and oat. Added little bit soji or semolina to make crispy bread.
Fresh fenugreek leaves, chopped.🌿
Green peppers, chopped
Salt to taste
Turmeric powder
Red chili powder 🌶
Carom seeds or ajwain seeds
Couple of tablespoons yoghurt
Sugar couple of tsp
Cumin and coriander powder
Hing or asafetida powder
Sesame seeds
Crushed garlic
Make a soft dough to make roti or bread adding water as you need .
Make a small balls to make breads
Roll it in a flour, I use oatmeal  to roll bread, make circle or any shape you like.
Cook both side spreading half a tsp oil on each side.
Cook until it turns in to golden brown crispy bread.
Enjoy this spicy flat bread with yogurt, chutneys or with tea.☕️
Tastes great by itself too.
I just finished my breakfast while making it 🙂

hope you like this recipe:)

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have a wonderful day friends ❤️