In the garden 

In the garden Enjoying raining day 🙂

Instead of going for morning walk, decide to walk around garden, feels very refreshing 🙂



In the garden: Morning Glory.

Morning glory is one flower that grows just randomly all over the garden against the fence.
There are so many other amazing looking and heavenly fragrant flowers like roses and gardenias but there is something unique about morning glory. Flowers are so simple yet so attractive, so soft.


Morning glory comes in many colors and easily grows with out any care. They also produce lots of seeds in summer.
This morning I collected some morning glory seeds. I want to plant them in pot or rather in hanging baskets.



Hope you like my garden.
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Have a wonderful day.

Happy friendship day❤️

Good morning friends. Have a pleasant day☕️There is a friend out there 🙂

You can visit in any time of the year day or night🌞🌙

Rain or shiny summer days☔

️cool or snowy winter night❄

️Pleasant spring days with cool greens🍃

or colorful autumnal days with eye pleasing leaves🍁

Constantly reminds us to be hopeful and happy in any situation 🙂

Stay in touch with a friend call Nature🌳 

Have a happy friendship day friends💐

Love you all ❤️