In the garden 

In the garden Lemon basil also flowering next to peppermint, smells refreshingly lemony, has pure white flowers while peppermints have slightly purple flowers:)

harvested peppermint leaves this morning 

Just finished wash, cut and freeze peppermint leaves for my tea and peppermint water I drink one glass every day in season when it’s available in abundance.

Have a pleasant day 🙂


In the garden peppermints 

Good morning friends. Have a pleasant day☕️Herbs are the easiest to grow, you only plant once they will keep coming back every spring, and has many use as medicine and preventive herbal medicine, not to mention it fills your garden with mind soothing scents every time you visit.

This is all new peppermints came back this spring growing happily with taro leaves, seems like they enjoying morning sunshine in each other’s company 🙂

Live in harmony to be peaceful❤️

Peppermints 🍃

Dried peppermints  leaves🍃
Herbal tea is great way to use many herbs from our own garden. I like to dry my own herbs like Tulsi , lemon balm, chamomile and peppermint leaves and marigolds to make tea in winter time.
It so easy to dry, it’s free and it’s good for health as all herbs provides many health benefits and unique taste, it’s good for over all well being, very refreshing instantly make you feel good 🙂

Do plant some herbs along with vegetables for many medicinal use plus most of herbs , you only plant once, they keep coming year after year in abundance.

Here peppermints in garden.

In the garden🌾

It’s amazing feeling to work in the garden in the morning.

Love watering garden specially in sunny and slightly warm, feels good, very refreshing 🙂

Not to mention new growth of seedlings, some surprising things growing around garden will mention some other time 🙂

I am going to make breakfast now, harvested few greens from garden.

Fenugreek leaves, beet leaves and some green garlic leaves.

Thinking to sautée them, make one Milet roti or call it a Milet flat bread to eat with home made yoghurt 🙂

Here some of garden pictures from this morning.

Enjoy your day💚

Welcome spring, time to celebrate 🎈




Spring is finally here in the garden 🌾

Here are spring time pictures from my garden🌷

From majestic maples to Bright yellow dandelion flowers a highly beneficial which we carelessly call a weed and ignore its importance 🌼

Let’s enjoy and appreciate nature’s superlative beauty :)🍄

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love all things in nature ❤️🌳🐿🌻🐈🍂🌸🌴🐱🌱🐮🍃🐝🌻🐤🌿🐒🌷🐢🌹

Have a happy gardening 🍃