In the garden 

Good morning friends ☕️

Every season has its own beauty 

Feels good to be surrounded by summer green 🙂

My pecan tree got all new leaves and started growing pecans 

It’s amazing how nature works, appreciate it ❤️

Have a pleasant day.

Feels good to be surrounded by summer greens ❤️


In the garden 

In the garden Good morning friends ☕️

Eating fresh pecan just dropped,

It tastes just like fresh green coconut 🙂

My pecan tree doing great, going to have lots of pecans to pick this fall, not to mention lots of fall leaves to pick but I am not complaining, 🙂 

I love to rack fall leaves, just waiting for it 🙂

Squirrels having amazing time in my garden so does Oliver, cats, birds, love all things in nature 🐿🐶🐱🐤🐞🐝🌳

Have a pleasant day❤️

In the garden

Good morning friends. Have a pleasant day❤️
My pecan tree in spring time🌳
Love watching how it change with every season🍂
Nature is amazing thing, makes me smile every time I enter my garden:)
surprise me every morning with some thing new which never been before🌿
Let’s celebrate the season, enjoy every minute of it❤️image