Lemongrass chai or tea🌱☕️

Lemongrass chai or tea🌱 ☕️

Making lemongrass tea using fresh lemongrass from my garden 🙂

Although lemongrass growing all around in my garden, this is my first time making lemongrass tea. 

I thought it might taste sour since it has lemon flavor but surprisingly it turned out delicious full of lemon flavor but not sour, very refreshing tea .

Lemongrass tea is so simple.

Let’s see how I made my tea 🙂

Boil about two cup of water

Add few pieces of lemongrass stems in boiling water 

Add spoonful of tea 

Add piece of grated ginger 

Let it boil for minute or two 

Strain the water 

Place it back on stove 

Add one cup milk

Let it boil again 

Add sugar to your taste

Lemongrass tea is ready to enjoy 🙂

Have a delicious cup of lemongrass tea ☕️


Peppermints 🍃

Dried peppermints  leaves🍃
Herbal tea is great way to use many herbs from our own garden. I like to dry my own herbs like Tulsi , lemon balm, chamomile and peppermint leaves and marigolds to make tea in winter time.
It so easy to dry, it’s free and it’s good for health as all herbs provides many health benefits and unique taste, it’s good for over all well being, very refreshing instantly make you feel good 🙂

Do plant some herbs along with vegetables for many medicinal use plus most of herbs , you only plant once, they keep coming year after year in abundance.

Here peppermints in garden.

Peppermints 🍃

Peppermints are a herbs from a mint family, has much stronger favor and smell than any other mints .

Peppermints mostly used for making tea, you get tired of drinking same old ginger tulsi tea 🙂 

Can be used in making  oil,  flavored drinks . Also used in toothpaste and candy.

It has many medicinal values great for digestion,tension headache, diabetes and blood pressure and many more.

In garden, rub a few peppermint leaves on arms and legs, mosquitos will stay away from the smells.

I only plant l peppermints once few years ago, now they keep coming every spring, sometimes it’s very cold in winter then will die down but comes back in spring.

I use  in a tea so also dry some for winter time .

Almost year around I have peppermints in garden.

Love it ❤️

Do plant few herbs in the garden. They are very valuable not just as a food but as a medicine and preventive medicine .

Here some pictures of peppermints in garden.

Hope you enjoy.

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Have a wonderful day friends ❤️