In the garden 

In the garden Raking pecan leaves, want to finish some work before it starts raining, about to rain any minute, love the calm before the rain 🙂

Enjoy ❤️

Here some pictures of my pecan tree🌳


Pomegranate tree

Pomegranate treeTrim down some pomegranate branches cutting them in a about six inches pieces and soaking them for few hours in a water mix with honey and cinnamon, then plant it back in a soil, if not all I am hoping,I will get few free trees 🙂

Instead of throwing it in compost, I saved some leaves to dry. It has many medicinal use so I want dry and powder later.

It’s also a good idea to chew few fresh leaves while you’re in the garden. tastes good 🙂

In the garden 

Good morning friends. Have a pleasant day☕️Banana leaves s in the garden welcomes first day of October🍂

Refreshing autumn breeze reminds me the places I have been many many years ago. 

It feels like time never moved, years and days are just a numbers, everything is in front of my eyes🍂

Mystique in the air, it’s magical feelings❤️

Celebrate the season 🍂🍃🍁🐿