Animals in the garden ❤️


In the garden 

Good morning friends ☕️It’s summertime, very hot outside.

Add some kind water feature or place a bowl of water outside for birds and animals. They will surely appreciate it.

All life matters ❤️

Have a pleasant day 🙂

In the garden 

In the garden Good morning friends☕️ 

We had a thunderstorm with lots of rain last night, few old branches fell off from pecan tree and river birches, 

one of the branch of crape myrtle lodged with amazing amount of flowers splitting and leaning towards outside fence.

However with all that happened, 

each and every plants, trees, vegetables,herbs all drenched with water.

they looking and I think feeling so satisfied and happy, 

and that makes me happy and content 🙂

It’s nature’s way of teaching us that, balance is the key.

Accept the outcome in any situation may it come in your way, 

May it be in nature or in everyday life, all will be well in the end.

While having extremely hot weather here in South Georgia lately, rain is definitely a blessing 🙂

Cashew meditating on fence after breakfast while one of her kid giving me company in the garden 🙂 

Have a pleasant day ❤️