Cabbage sauerkraut 

First time trying to make cabbage sauerkraut.

Made easy , quick and simplest way possible 


While you can make with just cabbage and salt, you can be creative and any vegetable, fruit add any spice of your taste.

I am making cabbage sauerkraut adding following ingredients 

Small half cabbage

One large carrot 

One beet

Four small radishes 

Couple of cloves of garlic 

Tea spoon salt

Half tsp sugar 

Tsp lemon juice 

Half tsp chill flakes 

Let’s try to make sauerkraut 

To make a process easy, I used food processor to shred the vegetables

I wash, clean and peel all vegetables and shredded 

Using large bowl 

Add all shredded vegetables

Add salt 

Mix it and keep it aside for about half hour 

then mix and massage with two hands make sure you clean your hands good first.

Vegetables will shrink to half the size, you will see lots of its own juices, 

Add  garlic shredded and other spices you like 

I added, lemon juice, sugar, garlic, and little bit chilli flakes for little zest 

Then transfer all in a clean jar, I prefer glass jar and press it down good

With juice it created on its own, it will be easy to press it down .

It will make enough juice by pressing , that you don’t need to add any water.

Now that your sauerkraut is ready, you clean the rim of jar and close, keeping slightly loose for day or two outside on kitchen counter, then keep the jar in refrigerator.

Now that you sauerkraut is ready, can try right away or eat it anytime 

Hope you like this cabbage sauerkraut recipe 

Do like like and share to inspire others 

Thank you for being here 🙂

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