Tips on how to make turmeric powders from garden fresh turmeric🌱 

My favorite time of the year autumn🍁time to harvest, season to celebrate to appreciate and show our gratitude towards nature.🍃
Turmeric is always a last thing to harvest in the garden. It takes almost month of November from start to finish.
I already harvested some earlier and made pickles.

I harvested  some more to dry and make powder to use in every day cooking.

First , need to wash good few times , peeled the skins, wash one more time to make sure no dirt remain in it.

After washing and peeling, towel dry so no water remains 

Some people boils the turmeric, than sun dries, I don’t like to boil, it’s not necessary as it will loose some nutrition from the turmeric roots, plus it will boil and cook when you use in cooking, 

So no need to boil or cook twice, doesn’t make sense in my opinion.

Ok now slice all the turmeric, small pieces is better so will dry faster.

Spread all the turmeric in trays with clothes or paper towels in sunny spots 

I dried mine in my front porch 

Turn it upside down everyday, until it dries completely.

In summertime , turmeric  should be completely dried  and ready to powder.

It took three days to dry completely.
To grind dried turmeric

 I used my coffee grinder, it works perfectly grinds so quickly, try few at a time.

At this point if you want fine powder, use sifter.

You have your home made turmeric powder ready to use in cooking.

Nothing like garden fresh dried turmeric. 🌱

Whole kitchen is full of pure turmeric smell, color also very vibrant than commercial store bought package turmeric powder,.

since it’s pure and highly concentrated in flavor and nutrition you only need pinch or two in cooking.🌱
Happy and excited to see the finished product 🙂

I still can’t believe I made my own turmeric powder 🙂
Just amazed, excited and happily content with the finished product,.

do appreciate the gift of nature🌱

Hope you like the method I use to make powder.

Do like the page and share to inspire others 

Thank you ❤️


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