Tips on planting, growing and  Harvesting garlic 

Garlic is easy to grow although is seems complicated 

I try to make as simple as possible so easy to remember next time you want to grow your own garlic 

There are two kind garlic 

One hard neck 

Like name says, their stem will be hard, grows garlic scrape which you can cut to encourage bulb growth, also can eat the garlic scrape in salad, sautéed or make chutney , hard neck garlic won’t store well for long time.

The other one is soft neck , which is good  for storing for longer periods of time.

I planted store bought organic garlic, don’t don’t know what kind  Though , next time make sure , this is my first time growing garlic successfully 🙂 

Planting garlic: 

Plant in a fall time to harvest in spring or early summer 

Garlic grows well in well drained soil, plant about six inches apart, separating garlic cloves from bulbs

Plant pointy side up, cover with soil, water occasionally 

Harvesting garlic :

It’s  summertime here in South Georgia 

Here some pictures of my garlic harvesting in garden and some tips on harvesting garlic.
Garlic takes about six months or so to mature.

You plant in fall , should be ready by May or June when you see two three bottom leaves start turning brown and drying, that’s when you garlic is ready to dig out.

You don’t want to wait until all leaves turn dry and fallout, garlic will have no layers of protection to stay fresh for long time, so best time to dig out when few leaves are still green which will form a layers around garlic bulbs to keep them fresh.

Garlic roots are pretty tough and you don’t want to pull from top, otherwise stem will break , if it breaks bulbs may not stay fresh for long time.

First loosen the soil around with hand or gardening tools, then pull the bulb.

Best time to do this is on dry day ,

Dryer the soil, easier to dig the bulbs.

Because of rain soil still wet in my garden so it was pretty tough to dig out the bulbs.

Already feeling hot and tired 🙂 

Leaving garlic bulbs out under tree in shades to dry out some of the soil , then will hang all the garlic bulbs in some dry , cool place.

It was a fun and exciting time to harvest garlic for this season, this is just one small garlic bed I just finished, one large is still to dig , will dig it up tomorrow 🙂

Not to mention, had a great time using green garlic leaves through out the season.

Don’t forget to use garlic green in cooking. It’s good way to flavor food, use where garlic requires, make sautéed garlic greens, garlic green chutney, add in soups , it enhance the flavor and most of all its convenient, nutrient and free 🙂

Reciepes already posted 

check it out the recipes for

Sautéed garlic greens

Garlic green chutney 

Tomato soup with garlic greens

Hope you enjoy my garlic harvesting  pictures in the garden 🙂

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Papaya seeds 

Papaya seeds.

We all know papayas are one of the tropical fruit sweet and delicious in taste with many health benefits makes them a healthiest fruit.

However I had know idea that their seeds are also equally important, has several health benefits as well, until recently.. I watched few YouTube videos about their health benefits .

All these time I threw it away in compost bin. So I decided to save some seeds

I wash, clean and dried, store in bottle for later use Can be eaten two or three seeds a day .

before using the seeds, get more information about their health benefits and how to use it.

Hope this inspires you too 🙂

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