Oatmeal banana smoothie.

Oatmeal banana smoothie with nuts and honey.🍌🍶🍯
This is quick, easy and healthy  energizeing smoothie I love to make  with only few ingredients.
Let’s start with the ingredients.
One banana, I use frozen bananas, I always keep in freezer, very handy you can use anytime.
Two tablespoons ground oatmealone tsp ground flaxseed 
One cup milk
Few pieces of nuts, you like
One tablespoon honey
Note: I always keep some ground oatmeal ready for my smoothie using coffee grinder.

Let’s make smoothie.
In a blender:
Place cut banana pieces
Add milk
Add oatmeal

Add flaxseed powder 

Add nuts of your choice, I just add few pecans since I have pecan tree 🙂
Blend it.

Pour smoothie in a glass or bowl 

Drizzle honey on top
Your oatmeal banana smoothie is ready to enjoy.

Hope you like this recipe 🙂
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Have a wonderful day ❤️