In the garden 

Good morning friends. Have a pleasant day☕️being alone is necessary to calm and clear ones mind. It helps to make right decision  in any aspects of life without any influence, alterations or opinions, plus you might learn thing or two about your own self 🙂

Experience the solitude❤️ 

Looks like bird enjoying sweet smell of white cilantro flowers.


Dear lettuce 

Dear lettuce.

It’s time to say goodbye until next season.

I enjoyed your presence in the garden and do appreciate for all the soups, salads, and sandwiches but most of all I am so thankful for your wonderful flowers which make my garden look pleasant and colorful, every morning gave me reason to smile and must not forget to thank you for all the seeds you gave me for next season. See you in fall time.

Enjoy my lettuce garden for this season:)

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Have a wonderful day friends❤️