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Coriander flowers seeding in abundance ūüôā


Mango pickle 

It’s summer time,it’s mango season. This time of the year you see raw mango in market.. I make mango pickle every year to have fresh homemade pickle year around to eat 

Let’s make a mango pickle.

Io make this pickle you need raw, green  mangoes, spices and oil.


Two raw mangoes.

Two tablespoons salt or to taste.

One tablespoon turmeric powder.

One tsp hing or asafetida powder. This is optional.

Half a cup red chili powder.

Half a cup fenugreek seeds crushed. You can find in any Indian grocery stores.

Half a cup mustard seeds crushed.

Half a cup pickle masala. This is optional also but I like to add and this also you can find in Indian grocery store.

Two cup oil.

One cup mustered oil.

One cup olive oil

You can use all mustard oil but it has a very strong smell which may not everyone’s to make little milder and healthier I use both .


Wash mangoes, towel dry, cut it into small pieces.

In a large bowl 

Place mango pieces 

Add salt and turmeric powder.

Mix it , cover it , keep it over night.

Next day drained all the water from it, and spread mango pieces on paper towels, let it air dry for few hours.

Meanwhile heat both the oil together on medium heat.

Once you smell the aroma of mustard oil and oil moving around in pan, turn off the heat, keep the oil one side to cool off.

Once oil completely gets cool than you start making pickle.

In a large bowl 

Place a mango pieces.

Add mustard seeds crushed.

Add fenugreek seeds crushed.

Add pickle masala.

Add red chill powder 

Add hing .

Mix all the spices well than add most of the oil and mix well to incorporate everything.

Take clean jar, fill it up the pickle in the jar than add remaining oil on top, close the lid and keep the jar on kitchen counter for day or two than keep the pickle jar in the refrigerator for year around use 

Enjoy this mango pickle with your favorite food.

Hope you like this recipe.

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Have a wonderful day.