Oven roasted spiced cabbage

Breakfast time 

Having oven roasted spiced cabbage 

This cabbage recipe is a good way to use extra cabbage sitting in refrigerator plus is good way to eat more cabbage without any bread has many health benefits also. I like this roasted cabbage over stir fry. It’s very easy and quick to make delicious to eat this healthy vegetable.

Let start making 


One medium size piece of cabbage wash, towel dry and cut in a strips.

Half tsp salt  or to taste 

One tsp red chili powder.

Less than half tsp black pepper.

Half tsp lemon juice. 

Two tablespoons olive oil

 Let’s cook:

Preheat the oven for 400 while oven getting ready 

Place cabbage strips in baking sheet.



Red chili powder 

Black pepper 

Lemon juice 

And lastly olive oil 

Mix all very well

Spread the spiced cabbage evenly in one layer 

Let it bake until cabbage turns tender and start getting crispy 

Turn cabbage up side down 

Bake it until desired crispness 

Turn off the heat 

Enjoy this hot , crunchy and delicious roasted spiced cabbage.

Tastes delicious with home made yoghurt 🙂

Hope this inspires you to eat healthy 🙂

Hope you like this recipe.

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Spinach smoothie🌿

It so much greens growing in spring time, you have to harvest almost everyday for them to grow continuously. All kind of greens growling but today I will make fresh spinach smoothie for change .most of the time I sauté spinach to eat with pita bread and rice, but after while you get tired of eating sautéed greens 🙂 not to mention There are other greens like mustard greens, garlic greens, fenugreek greens, lettuce , beets greens and onion greens .
I cook greens almost every other day:)

lets make spinach smoothie for change:)


hand full of garden fresh washed and cut spinach🌿.

one banana🍌

fresh or frozen mango. You can use frozen berries or cup of apple juice.

small piece of ginger.

cup of water or yoghurt 

blend it all in a smoothie consistency

tastes delicious:)

hope you like this recipe:)

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have a wonderful day friends ❤️