In the garden 

Good morning friends. Have a pleasant day☕️In one onion flower, there are so many tiny flower looking seed pods, I only pluck one tiny seed pod from flower to see how it looks and tastes:)

It has unique shape with intense onion tastes, pure white with hint of light green, very pleased to see 🙂

you have to see it for your self to experience and appreciate the nature’s very best.

Onion flowers among marigolds, lemongrass and cana lilies.


Welcome :)

Welcome to my garden 🙂Gardening is to grow flowers,vegetables,herbs, trees and more, however, I believe, true gardening is experiencing whole process of growing.

from planting seed to harvesting seed and in between. It’s way to observe and experience nature.

It’s a way to connect with nature.

Enjoy 🙂

In the garden peppermints 

Good morning friends. Have a pleasant day☕️Herbs are the easiest to grow, you only plant once they will keep coming back every spring, and has many use as medicine and preventive herbal medicine, not to mention it fills your garden with mind soothing scents every time you visit.

This is all new peppermints came back this spring growing happily with taro leaves, seems like they enjoying morning sunshine in each other’s company 🙂

Live in harmony to be peaceful❤️