Spiced and steamed taro leaves and sautéed taro stems recipes 

Two recipes for taro leaves Taro leaves 🍃 and sautéed taro stems🌱

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Patra pan, or Advi pan.🍃

As a gardener I always have taro leaves growing in my garden, it grows so fast and so many that I have to compost some of the leaves 🙂

Taro grows so easily, you only plant it once, they keep coming back every spring, looks amazing in the garden.

I make patra so often since I have freshly available, wanted to write recipe since llong time , recently got request for it so , finally I Decide to write it.

Taro is used as vegetable, almost whole plant is eatable, you can use roots or rhizomes as vegetables, leaves you can steam also their stems can be used as sautéed vegetables.

Let’s make taro leaves first.


10 to 15 taro leaves 🍃

Two cup chickpeas flour

Couple of tablespoons rice flour

One tablespoon tarmerind paste

Couple of pieces of Jeggary 

One tsp Salt to taste

Two tsp Red chilli powder more or less🌶 according to your taste

Half tsp Turmeric powder

One tsp Coriander and cumin powder

For tempering 

Three or four tablespoons Oil

One tsp Mustard seeds

Pinch of Hing

Couple of tablespoons Sesame seeds 

Few Green peppers 

To garnish 

Some Coriander leaves🌿

Shredded coconut 


Wash, clean taro leaves and keep it in a water for few minutes then let it dry, keep it a side.

Prepare water about one cup adding tarmerind paste and Jeggary 

Wash cut green peppers in long strips 

Prepare batter

In a large bowl 

Add chickpeas flour

Add rice flour

Add salt

Red chilli power🌶 

Turmeric powder

Coriander powder

Cumin powder 

Make a thick batter using water you prepare with Jeggary and tarmerind paste

Make a batter like a paste.

To make a roll

Use largest leaves first

Spread the batter keeping the darker side down 

Take another leaf, place on the first one, keeping green side down, spread the batter with your fingers 

Repeat about 4 To 5 Leaves

First roll about few inches of leaves from both side.

 start rolling from one side

At the end place a little batter to sealed to make a roll.

Make all the rolls same way and steam them in steamer or cooker 

Take out the rolls, let it cool for few minutes, cut it into round pieces 

Make tempering 

In a large saucepan 

Add oil

Once oil gets hot 

Add mustard seeds

Add sesame seeds

Add pinch of hing

Add green peppers you cut

Add pinch of salt to it 

Add the patra pieces 

Mix well

Now that patra is ready

Garnish with

shredded dry coconut 


chopped coriander leaves.

Patra is ready to enjoy with ketchup, chutney and tea☕️

Hope you like this recipe:)

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Thank you ❤️
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Sautéed patra stems :🌱
Instead of throwing it away the patra stems, make a patra stem vegetables 

Wash all the stems first

Take it out all the outer skins by peeling 

Cut the peeled stems in to small pieces 

Make the tampering or Vaghar 

Place couple of tablespoons oil in cooking pan

Once oil is hot enough 

Add mustard seeds

Add cumin seeds

Once once seeds start spluttering 

Add add couple of dry red chill

Add pinch of hing

Add cut stem pieces and mix

Add salt to taste

Add red chilli powder to your taste

Add coriander and cumin powder

Mix well

Add sugar to your taste

Add fresh lemon juice to your taste

Mix it well

Cover it

Let it cook

Stems has enough water in it so don’t need to add any water

Cook on a slow flame.

It cooks in few minutes 

Once it turns soft and tender, turn off the heat

Sautéed patra stems ready to serve with favorite roti, parathas or pita bread.

Tastes delicious 🙂

Hope you like these recipes.

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Have a wonderful day friends ❤️


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