Lettuce soup🍃🌶

image image image image image image image image image imageLettuce soup also known as gazpacho soup in Spanish. It’s cool and very refreshing soup for hot summer days.
Good thing about this soup is no cooking involved, you just have to prepare all ingredients and blend it that’s all.
This is best soup for summer time . 

You don’t have to cook and it’s cool, delicious and refreshing.
It’s summer time and lettuce still growing in my garden , harvested fresh lettuce this morning to make this soup.
I wanted to try this soup since my friend Dany gave me idea to make lettuce soup so this is my first time making this soup. This is one soup you must try on one hot summer day.
Let start making this cool soup.
One bunch of lettuce.
One cucumber.
Two cups plain yogurt.
One tsp salt.
Two small jalapeño or any kind hot peppers.
Small piece of ginger.
Few strands of cilantro.
Water if needed.
Couple of sliced almonds to garnish.

I use pecans since I have pecan tree, you can add any nuts of your choice 

Few grapes for sweetness 
Wash, clean and cut lettuce, cut cucumber in small pieces, cut peppers, slice ginger, few cilantro.
In a blender.
Add yoghurt first.
Add cucumber
Add lettuce.
Add peppers, ginger and salt.
Start blending and continue until all the ingredients blends well in to soup .
If it’s thick add little water and make into desire consistency.
Take it out in a bowl.
Keep it in a refrigerator for some times to chill.
Garnish with few sliced almonds and serve it .
Enjoy this amazingly delicious soup.
Here are some lettuce in my garden.
Hope you like this recipe and my garden.
Do like my page and share to inspire others.
Have a wonderful day🌿


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