Strawberry banana smoothie🍓🍌.

Strawberry banana smoothie is simple to make. It’s quick, easy and healthy breakfast.

I always keep frozen fruits, berries  and bananas for smoothie. It’s very convenient and you don’t have to use ice when you make smoothie, so let’s make strawberry banana smoothie.

one banana. Fresh or frozen. I used frozen🍌.

one cup frozen strawberries🍓.

one cup orange juice.

two tablespoons almond powder.

one tablespoon honey🍯.

in a blender

add straberries, bananas, almond powder.

add orange juice and honey.

start blending, add  half a cup water to make it smoothie like consistency.

Pour this delicious breakfast smoothie in a glass. Enjoy.

hope you like this recipe.

Do like the  page and share to inspire others.

have a wonderful day❤️.







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