Leaves are as important as vegetables and fruits. When we think or talk about leaves, we say what kind leaves or which vegetables, fruit or even flowers it belongs.We never pay attention to leaves it self or don’t give any importance to leaves.
There are many vegetables, fruits, flowers , nuts or any kind even a weed leaves are more beneficial than their fruits, vegetables or nuts. They are more nutrients than their fruits,vegetables and nuts.
When we see any vegetable plant, fruit tree or nut tree or any kind vine or flower plant, our eyes instantly start looking for fruits, vegetables, nuts and flowers, we totally ignore their leaves.
There are so many leaves, to name a few like guava leaves, moringa leaves,bitter melon leaves, olive leaves, radish leaves, taro leaves papaya leaves, beet leaves image image image image image image image image image image image image imageand many more are highly nutritious and beneficial to our health than their fruits, vegetables and flowers.
While we talk about leaves, we can’t forget the all herbs. Their leaves are even more useful , they have medicinal properties, used in many health problems.
There many like peppermint, spearmint, basil, tulsi and many others.
There are many weed leaves also very nutritious and good for health.
This is just to name a few but there are so many more useful leaves out there we have to look for it, study them and learn about their importance to appreciate them.
I myself have lot to learn about the leaves. It’s kinda interesting. By the way among many others, I love to chew pomegranate’s leaves while I am working in the garden 🙂
Hope you like this article about leaves.
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Have a wonderful day🍃


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