Garlic picklešŸŒ¶

image.jpegimageHi friends as we all know garlic is good for you. It has many health can use garlic in every day cooking like soups, sauces and garlic bread, or you can make garlic chutney and garlic pickle.
I like to make fresh garlic chutney to eat with breads, rice, vegetables and dal or soups.
I already posted a recipe for garlic chutney you must check it out you will be glad you did , that’s my favorite chutney.
Today I am going to make garlic pickle. This pickle you can keep it in a refrigerator for few months .
Let’s make garlic pickle.
About two cups garlic peeled and sliced.
Two fresh lemons.
Half cup oil.
One tablespoon salt.
Half cup Jeggary.
Half cap red chili powder.
Two tablespoons crushed mustard seeds.
Two tablespoons crushed fenugreek seeds.
Two tablespoons coriander seed powder.
One tsp mustard seeds.
One tsp cumin seeds.
Half tsp hing. Asafetida.
You can also add pickle masala if you have .
One tsp turmeric powder.
Keep saucepan on a medium heat
Add oil. Once oil gets hot
Add mustard seeds and cumin seeds
Add hing. Right after
Add turmeric powder
Add crushed fenugreek and crushed mustard seed powder. Keep stirring.
Add coriander powder. Mix.
Now add Jeggary. Once Jeggary starts melting
Add red chili powder and salt. Mix it. Keep stirring
Now add lemon juice. and sliced garlic.
Mix it well.
Garlic pickle is ready.

Turn off the heat.
Let the garlic pickle cool down completely then store it in a jar. Keep it in a refrigerator. Enjoy this garlic pickle for few months with your favorite food.
Hope you like this recipe.
Do like this page and share to inspire others.
Have a wonderful day.


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