pasta salad with home made salad dressing.

Pasta salad
Home made salad dressing🌶
Boiled tricolor rotini pasta adding salt and tablespoon of olive oil
Make sure not to over cook
Run cold water over pasta as soon as it’s done cooking so they stop cooking further.
I made it simple just added
Tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce🍅
For salad dressing
In a small bowl
Olive oil
Lemon juice🍋
Orange juice🍊
Black pepper
Red chili pepper flakes🌶
Couple of pickled jalapeño peppers finely chopped I don’t like to use straight vinegar so I used table spoon of pickle juice 🙂
Adjusting all the spices and ingredients according to your taste
Mix all the best ingredients very well to incorporate to
Sweet, spicy and moderately tangy with hint of orange flavor
tastes zesty, flavorful and delicious 🙂
In a large bowl
Pasta, cut tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce
Pour some pasta dressing
Mix it well
Delicious pasta salad is ready to enjoy 🙂
Do like and share to inspire others.
Have a wonderful day friends ❤️


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