Bittermelon flat bread

For breakfast
Just had a couple of spicy Bittermelon flat bread while making it 🙂
I can’t think of any better way of eating Bittermelon without tasting any bitterness.
Made spicy Bittermelon flat breads using frozen Bittermelon I freeze up in summer time, tastes as good as fresh.

To make a Bittermelon bread

in a large bowl added

whole wheat flour

Milet  flour



red chilli powder

ajwain seeds

sessame seeds

coriander and cumin powder

crushed green chili peppers

shreaded bittermelon

couple of tablespoons cooking oil

mix it all

add little bit of water at a time to make soft dough to make a small balls to roll bread

on a stove top, on a medium heat  place cooking tawa or pan to cook bread

roll the bread in a small circle

cook both side with couple of tablespoons of cooking oil until it turns golden brown and crispy on both side.

spicy Bittermelon flat bread made to perfection:)


Note: all the spices and Bittermelon used according to the amount of flours you going to use to make breads and according to your taste.

enjoy this delicious flat breads with yoghurt and garlic chutney


Hot and spicy Bittermelon flat breads with ginger and cardamom tea☕️


hope you like this recipe

do like and share to inspire others
Thank you❤️



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