Apple chips🍎

Everytime we go grocery shopping we buy a bag of apples to eat or juice. And sometimes we get tired of eating apples but also want to use it before it gets bad. Makings Apple chips is a great way to use extra apples and you don’t have to eat it right away. You can store it in a jar for any time snacks and it taste much better than eating apple.

Apple chips are so easy to make in only few steps and best part is you only need one ingredient and that’s an apple.

Lets make this crunchy, sweet and tangy Apple chips.


Two apples🍎



Cut apples in a slices

Arrange Apple slices in a non stick baking sheet or use parchment paper.

Preheat oven for 250 for two hours. Let it bake for one hour than flipp all the chips.

Let it bake another hour or until chips gets crunchy and golden brown.

Turn off the oven.

Take it out from oven, let it cool down completely.

Store it in a air tight jar for any time snacks. Enjoy.


Hope you like this recipe.

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Have a wonderful day❤️


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