Sautéed romaine lettuce 🍃🍋🌶

imageimageimageimageSautéed romaine lettuce🍃
As warm weather approaching, need to make a room for summer vegetables, right now garden is full of all kind spring greens. Beets, garlic, onions,spinach, mustards,radishes and lots of lettuce, not to mention some cabbage and cauliflower growing form kitchen waste.
Mainly trying to use up the romaine lettuce, looking for a way to eat it 🙂
You can use many ways.
I make lettuce soup. It’s very refreshing in summer time, use a lot in Mexican food we love 🙂 and of course in good old American sandwiches 🙂
Thinking to find a way to use romaine lettuce, since I like sautéed cabbage, decide to make sautéed romaine lettuce.
Surprisingly tasted delicious 🙂
So quick and so easy
One romaine lettuce, fresh from garden, wash , clean and separated all leaves.
One clove clove of garlic crushed. I used green garlic leaves instead since I am trying to use some greens 🙂 tastes as good.
Tablespoon of olive oil
Salt to taste
Red chili powder to your taste or just pinch of it🌶
Fresh lemon one small piece🍋
Tablespoon full of honey🍯
Let sauté romaine🍃
On a medium heat, place sauce pan
Add olive oil
Once it’s moving around in pan
Add crushed garlic
Sauté just for a second
Add lettuce leaves
Add salt to taste
Add red chili powder to your taste
Flip one time
Let it sauté both side
It cooks in a minute, that’s a best part you don’t have to wait to long to eat it 🙂
Serve it hot
Drizzle spoonful honey over it
Squeeze fresh lemon on top
Enjoy this hot and delicious sautéed romaine while it’s hot.
Hope you like this recipe:)
Do like this page and share to inspire others.
Have a wonderful day friends ❤️


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