Soji Dhokla or semolina Dhokla

Decide to make something different in breakfast today 🙂

soji Dhokla  or semolina  is very famous Gujrati breakfast dish.

great for breakfast, very easy and quick to make with only few ingredients.


one cup soji or semolina

salt one tsp or to taste

couple of green chili peppers, crushed.

small piece of ginger grated

i do not prefer bottled ginger paste, always use fresh ginger.

couple of tablespoons yoghurt,plain.

one tsp baking soda or eno to make dhokla soft and fluffy

about one cup water to make batter

for tampering

four tablespoon oil

one tsp mustard seeds

half a tsp or less hing, asafetida powder

using steamer or any large cooking pot as a steamer

add water in the pot

keep it on low heat while you prepare soji batter using all the above ingredients

prepare the cooking dish or thali spreading a couple of tablespoons oil around it

place the cooking dish in a steamer

pour prepared soji batter in a cooking dish

close the steamer or cover it .

let it cook about ten minutes or so

take the lid off and check if the dhokla has done by touching with your finger, if it doesn’t stick to your finger that means it’s done.

make tampering by heating oil

add mustard seeds

once it’s cracking

add hing

spread it on dhokla

cut it in to pieces

soji dhokla is ready to serve.

tastes delicious with green chutney  , ketchup and tea☕️

Hope you like this recipe.

do like and share to inspire others.

have a wonderful day friends❤️





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