Spinach smoothie🌿

It so much greens growing in spring time, you have to harvest almost everyday for them to grow continuously. All kind of greens growling but today I will make fresh spinach smoothie for change .most of the time I sauté spinach to eat with pita bread and rice, but after while you get tired of eating sautéed greens 🙂 not to mention There are other greens like mustard greens, garlic greens, fenugreek greens, lettuce , beets greens and onion greens .
I cook greens almost every other day:)

lets make spinach smoothie for change:)


hand full of garden fresh washed and cut spinach🌿.

one banana🍌

fresh or frozen mango. You can use frozen berries or cup of apple juice.

small piece of ginger.

cup of water or yoghurt 

blend it all in a smoothie consistency

tastes delicious:)

hope you like this recipe:)

do like and share to inspire others.

have a wonderful day friends ❤️


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