Know how to make Almond milk.

Almond milk is healthier than regular milk. It has more calcium and no cholesterol. Almond milk is plant milk , has creamy texture and nutty taste. I make oatmeal, banana and milk smoothie in morning for breakfast, for change of taste and health purpose I wanted to add almond milk in my smoothie but it’s so expensive to buy almond milk so l say let’s make almond milk at home.
One cup almonds
Three cups water
Pinch of salt for taste
Two tablespoons honey for sweeter taste.
Soak almonds over night, next morning drain it wash it with clean water.

In a blender
Place almonds first
Add water
Add salt
Add honey
Blend it on a high speed until all the almonds incorporate with water and looks like milk. Blend it few more times to make it smooth creamy texture.
Now take a large bowl, put a strainer on it to strain all the milk. I like to use this strainer so most of the milk strain easily. I don’t like to waste perfectly good food so whatever very little almonds skin left I keep it aside to add it in smoothie. If you like much finer and creamy but thin milk , you could use cheese cloth to strain milk.

Now store almond milk in clean bottle.
Keep it refrigerated.
Almond milk can be use in any smoothie, add it in cereals with regular milk or just drink it plain. Enjoy.
Hope you like this recipe.
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Have a wonderful day.


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