Khaman tastes great, very easy to make with only one ingredient and some spices but some times we have leftover khaman so instead of eating same khaman all over again with same tastes even sounds so boring 🙂

In that case you be little creative and make khamani . I must mention that khaman tastes great but khamani tastes way better than khaman. So next time you make khaman, do make some extra so you can try this khamani:)

All you need is leftover khaman 

Couple of green peppers crushed🌶 

Few cloves of garlic crushed 

Cilantro or kothmir 

Tsp sugar 

Oil for tampering 

Spoonful Mustard seeds 

Little bit Hing or asafetida powder

Make tampering 

Add oil in saucepan 

Add mustard seeds 

Once start spluttering 

Add hing

Add peppers🌶 

Add garlic 

Once garlic sautéed

Just add pinch of salt in it and mix it.

Add crumbled leftover khaman in

Mix well

Add sugar to your  taste.

Mix it well until leftover crumbled khaman gets hot and all the spices incorporated 

I eat this khamani just like that , it tastes delicious 🙂

You can add  pomegranate seeds or sav or whatever you like.

I will have a tea with it ☕️

Hope you like this recipe 

Do like this page and share to inspire others 

Have a wonderful day friends ❤️


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