Instant lemon peel pickle🍋

It’s hot here in south, everyone had a great time eating falafale yesterday 🙂 after lunch I made a lemon sherbet, it’s very refreshing drink for hot summer afternoon, everyone enjoyed it 🙂

i used three lemons to make sherbet so I had three lemons peels.

instead of throwing it away in compost, I decide to make instant lemon peel pickle.

no need to throw away perfectly good food. Lemon peel probably have more vitamin c  than actual lemon juice.

lemon peel pickle you can make instantly and also can eat instantly:)

very easy to make in a minutes and tastes delicious.

lets start making lemon peel pickle 

 in a cooking pan or sauce pan on a medium heat.

add about cup of water

add pieces of peels you prepared, make sure take out the seeds.

add about half a cup sugar  or more or less according to your taste

keep stirring while you add other spices.

add salt about one and a half tsp or to your taste

add red chili powder two tsp🌶.

add pinch of hing , asafetida powder.

add one tsp coriander and cumin powder

Add one tsp mustard seeds crushed

add fenugreek seeds one tsp crushed

add one tsp coriander seeds crushed

keep stirring while mixing all the spices

in a minute or two all the spices will incorporates, lemon peels will get soften and sugar water turns in to thick syrup.

turn off the heat once the pickle gets to right consistently,

lemon peel pickle is ready to enjoy🍋.

this lemon peel pickle you can eat right away, I fact you want to eat couple of pieces while it hot, I love it 🙂


as you can see I didn’t boil lemon peel ahead Or I didn’t make any oil tampering .

to me both the steps unnecessary, no need to boil twice, you loose all the nutrients from the lemon peels.

If you don’t have all the spices

Salt, sugar and red chili powder is just fine to make and eat quick pickle 🙂

I also add Jeggary instead of sugar sometimes for healthy sweetness 

hope you like this recipe:)

do like this page and share to inspire others.

Thank you ❤️



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