Tahini sauce and hot sauce for falafelšŸŒ¶.

imageimageimageimageimageimageTahini sauce is used in a falafel sandwich with falafel balls, hot chutney and salad made of shrimageedded carrots and lettuce.image

Tahini sauce is made out of tahini which is made out of sesame seeds.

I made tahini at home for tahini sauce to use in falafel so letā€™s make tahini sauce.


One cup tahini.

Half cup yoghurt.

Couple of cloves garlic.

Half a tsp salt.

Water less than cup or as much needed to make sauce consistency.

Letā€™s make tahini sauce.

In a blender

Add tahini

Add yoghurt

Add crushed garlic

Add salt

Add little water at a time to blend to sauce like not to thick and not to watery

Fill in the jar keep it refrigerated. This tahini sauce will stays fresh for week. You can use this tahini in falafel sandwich made out of pita breads or just eat with falafel balls and salad. Enjoy.

Hot sauce or chutney:


One sweet red bell pepper.

One tablespoon crushed red pepper flakes.

One tsp red chilli power.

Half tsp salt or to taste.

Two cloves of garlic. Crushed.

Half tsp cumin powder.

Small piece of fresh lemon.

In a blender

Add chopped bell pepper

Add crushed garlic

Add red pepper flakes

Add red chili powder

Add cumin powder

Add salt and lemon juice

Add half cup of water

Blend it all to sauce like consistency add extra water if needed.

Keep this hot sauce refrigerated, use it within week.

This hot sauce adds extra taste to falafel, if you like hot food you will love this hot sauce in your falafel.

hope you like this recipe.

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have a wonderful day.


to make falafel I already posted recipe for

pita breads, falafel balls and home made tahini.








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