imageimageFalafel is a middle eastern dish. It’s more famous in Israel and middle eastern cuisines also known as falafel sandwich.

Falafel is very healthy, nutritious and delicious vegetarian dish.

Falafel balls are made with dry beans and chickpeas flour with the spices.

White sauce made with tahini.

Red hot chutney made with red chilli powder and sweet bell pepper.

Salad made with lettuce and carrots.

Pita breads to make falafel.

Let’s make falafel balls first.

I use mix beans like chickpeas. Kidney beans, black eye peas, mug beans. I keep jar full of mix beans ready just for falafel so when ever I want to make falafel I already have mix beans ready to use.

Prepare :

two cups of dry beans soaked overnight.

Rinse with the clean water

Place the beans in a food processor

Just add enough water to grind beans in to lumpy consistency and not watery

one cup chickpeas flour.

one tsp salt

half tsp sugar

half tsp turmeric powder

halt tsp red chilli powder

half tsp baking powder

half tsp cumin/coriander powder

small piece of lemon

two or three green peppers chopped

few coriander leaves chopped.

In a large bowl

Add beans

Add salt

Add sugar

Add cumin and coriander powder

Add green peppers

add coriander leaves

Add turmeric powder

Add red chilli powder

add baking power

add lemon juice

Mix all ingredients well

Now add and mix extra chickpeas flour to make the mixture

Thick enough to make a ball or to use a spoon to fry.

now on a medium to high heat  place a frying pan with cooking oil

once oil gets hot fry falafel balls using hand or spoon, stirr it, flip it until balls fry to golden brown color. Fry few at a time, repeat same way. Falafel balls should be soft and fluffy inside crispy and golden brown from outside. Take the balls out on a paper towel to get rid of extra oil. Turn off the heat.

this falafel also can be bake in oven.

preheat the oven for 350 degrees

oil the baking pan

place the falafel ball in baking dish, press on top slightly to make it flat, add few drops of oil on each falafel, bake it for 25 minutes , flip it to other side, bake it for 15 minutes more or until golden brown and crispy. Turn off the oven. This baked falafel taste much better and it’s healthy. Serve with falafel sauce, salad and pita breads.


this falafel ball is ready to serve with tahini sauce, hot chutney, salad and pita breads or you can make falafel by filling up pita bread with falafel balls, sauce, chutney and salad. Enjoy.

hope you like this falafel ball recipe.

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I already posted recipe for pita bread if you like to try at home and  I will soon post recipe for tahini sauce,hot chutney and baked falafel .

have a wonderful day.



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