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Fig preserve.

Making a fig preserve today. I got some fresh figs from my daughter’s father in law yesterday. They very ripe. Sweet and delicious. I freeze couple of bags and rest of it made a fig preserve. This is my first time making fruit preserve. It was so simple had a great time making.

The fig preserve I am making is very basic, old fashioned and simple.

Let’s start 


Well ripe figs.


Lemon juice.

Cinnamon stick one.


Wash figs with warm water to clean good, trim the end of figs.

Let’s start cooking.

Turn heat on low. place a heave bottom pan.

Add all the figs.

Add enough sugar to cover all the figs that should be enough.

Let it cook slowly.

After half an hour you will see lots of liquid.Stirr few times to mix figs in sugar water.

Add about one tablespoon of lemon juice.

Add a cinnamon stick if you like.

Let it cook slowly until all the figs softens, keep stirring  so fruits doesn’t stick to the bottom. It will take about one to two hours depending how much figs you making preserve with. I had lots of figs so it took two hours to cook.

Keep cooking and stirring until all the figs turn in to nice and thick preserve.

Take the cinnamon stick out if you have added.

Turn off the heat.

Let it cool down completely.

Store in a clean jar, keep the fig preserve refrigerated.

Enjoy this delicious fig preserve with you favorite bread in breakfast time or night time snack.

Hope you like this recipe.

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Have a wonderful day.