In the garden 

Good morning friends. Have a pleasant day☕️

It’s summertime , extremely hot outside.

Leave some water outside for birds 🙂

All life matters ❤️

Bowl of water hanging outside on river birch🌳


In the garden 

Good morning friends. Have a pleasant day☕️Beauty in simplicity: 

Weed flowers have enough power to capture ones attention to delight, you need eyes for it.

Appreciate small things in life❤️ 

Enjoy your Sunday:)

Flower of weed ❤️

Mango banana ice cream 

Mango banana ice cream 🍧

Quick and healthy Home made ice cream made in a minutes without sugar.


Two frozen banana pieces 

Two frozen mango pieces 

One cup whole milk

Two tablespoons honey.

Let’s make ice cream 🙂

Place all the ingredients in a food processor 

Process till you get smooth ice cream like consistency.

If you like soft ice cream, you can eat it right away .

Mango banana ice cream is ready to enjoy 

If you like your ice cream in pieces,slightly hard, just leave in freezer for half an hour then you can make the pieces.

Serve in a bowl.

Healthy and delicious ice cream really to enjoy:)

Hope you like this sweet treat recipe:)

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Have a wonderful day friends ❤️