Grow your own food, support who grows food for you.

Grow your own food andsupport who grows food for you.

While having cantaloupe for breakfast this morning, I am still thinking about yesterday. 

My son Sushil came home with cantaloupe, told me a story about the little boy,
selling cantaloupe and watermelon with his mother in the parking lot of his job place.

Boy came and ask Sushil, 

Mister can you buy one cantaloupe, it’s only One dollar and fifty cents.

 Sushil calmly said I don’t need it

Boy said ,

come on Mister, everyone have couple of dollars in the pocket.

even I have fifty cents change ready if you have two dollars.

Sushil look at the boy for a second.

he was cute, sweet and smart little boy,

trying to help his mother to sell cantaloupes in extreme hot day. 

Sushil went ahead and bought a cantaloupe from a little boy.

When Sushil came home 

first thing he says,

Mom little boy who was selling cantaloupe was so cute 🙂 

I am still thinking about the boy who trying to help his mom:)

Friends do support our farmers, roadside stands, people selling on streets.

Help them survive.

Just imagine how hard they work to grow food for us! 

what they charge for is nothing compared to the effort they put it in to grow.

I told Sushil to get me watermelon next time if little boy show up again 🙂

With smile my son says ok ok I get you watermelon next time 🙂 

Still thinking about little boy trying to help Mom 🙂

So sweet ❤️


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