My creation 🎨

My creation 🎨Sugar maple leaf in autumn.

In watercolor.

Inspired by sugar maple in my garden 🙂


Cabbage soup 

Cabbage soup🍲🌶🍅Just finished my breakfast, had a cabbage soup this morning surprisingly delicious:)

This is my first time making a cabbage soup and never had it before.

I got couple of huge cabbage straight from farm, among many things I made cabbage soup. 

I am no nutritionist but I heard it supposed to be good for weight loss, will see 🙂

Let’s make cabbage soup 

Ingredients :

Half medium size Cabbage 

One Onion 

Couple of Green peppers

Small piece of ginger 

One tsp Red chili powder🌶 

Half a tsp black pepper 

One tsp sugar 

One tsp coriander and cumin powder


Couple of tomatoes🍅 

Small can of tomato sauce🍅 

Prepare :

Clean, wash, cut, chopped all the vegetables.

Let’s Start cooking 🙂

On a medium heat, place sauce pan 

Add couple of tablespoons oil

Once oil start heating 


Cut onions and peppers🌶 

Sauté for a minute 

Add crushed ginger 

Add pinch of hing or asafetida powder if you have. 

Mix it well, 


Chopped tomatoes🍅 

Cook for a minute 

Add tomato sauce🍅 

Add red chili powder🌶 

Add salt to taste

Add sugar 

Add coriander and cumin powder 

Mix well

Add water enough to make it thin enough to look like very watery soup

Once it starts boiling 


Thinly cut cabbage 

Mix it well

So will start boiling 

Let it cook until cabbage is tender.

Add black pepper 

Mix it well

Hot and delicious cabbage soup is ready to enjoy 🙂

I loved it 🙂 do try.

Hope you like this healthy soup recipe.

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Have a wonderful day friends ❤️