Know how to hand pollination the  zucchini 

Many times plants like zucchini and cucumbers sets lots of flowers but after a while flowers just drops down instead of growing vegetables.we wonder what went wrong !

First we have to know  how it works.

 There are two kinds of flowers grow on zucchini plants , one male and the other one female which are the one will grow vegetables. 

To identify  the flowers, look at both flowers carefully.

Male flowers just regular flowers on slim, straight stems, while female flowers have tiny zucchini already trying to grow and that’s female flower, that’s the one will grow zucchini.

In order to grow good healthy zucchinis female follower has to be pollinated.

most of the times bees in our garden do that job from taking pollen from male flower to female flower but to make sure female flowers gets enough pollen, you can do hand pollination by taking pollen from male flower to female flower.

To do that:

Take a small brush, I used my art brush with you in garden.

take pollen from male flower by simply wiping pollen from inside on brush.

 take that, transfer it into female flower by gently brushing around tiny female part inside the female flower.

That’s all you you need to do for hand pollination the zucchini flowers .

Now waiting for my zucchini to grow happy and healthy .

Hope you like the idea 🙂

Do like and share to inspire others.

Have a happy holidays friends ❤️


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