How to sprout mung beans

Mung beans are native to Indian sub continent, grows in Asian countries
Mung beans are very healthy and nutritious, can be cooked many ways but mung sprouts are more tasty and healthier. Sprouting mung sounds little complicated but it’s easy you just have to follow few simple steps, so let sprout mung beans.

In a bowl add mung beans.
Add room temperature water, cover it , let it soak over night.
In the morning, mung should be swollen a little bit and looks about to open up.Now discard old water, strain it through clear water.
Now place mung in strainer bowl or bowl with holes and place bowl with mung in a little larger bowl, cover it both the bowls but keep little bit open so air go through in bowls. Keep it like this one more night.


Next morning you will see all the mung sprouted. In two days mung sprouts should be ready to eat. This sprouts will stay fresh for two to three days in refrigerator. Enjoy row or sautéed.

Hope you like this recipe 
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