Fenugreek leaves flat bread🌿




Fenugreek leaves flat breads 🌿
Methi leaves Thepla or Methi na dhebra.
Made with:
Whole wheat flour, Milet flour or bajri flour and oat. Added little bit soji or semolina to make crispy bread.
Fresh fenugreek leaves, chopped.🌿
Green peppers, chopped
Salt to taste
Turmeric powder
Red chili powder 🌶
Carom seeds or ajwain seeds
Couple of tablespoons yoghurt
Sugar couple of tsp
Cumin and coriander powder
Hing or asafetida powder
Sesame seeds
Crushed garlic
Make a soft dough to make roti or bread adding water as you need .
Make a small balls to make breads
Roll it in a flour, I use oatmeal  to roll bread, make circle or any shape you like.
Cook both side spreading half a tsp oil on each side.
Cook until it turns in to golden brown crispy bread.
Enjoy this spicy flat bread with yogurt, chutneys or with tea.☕️
Tastes great by itself too.
I just finished my breakfast while making it 🙂

hope you like this recipe:)

do like this page and share to inspire others.

have a wonderful day friends ❤️


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