Whole wheat bread

Home made whole wheat bread tastes much better than ready made store bought. You have fresh bread ready in your kitchen when you bake it home. I like whole wheat bread better than regular bread, it’s much tastier than plain white bread and much healthier.
Let’s start making whole wheat bread.
I don’t have any bread machine or any bread baking sheet. I just use large bowl to make a dough and basic cookie sheet to bake a bread.
Three cups whole wheat flour
One cup bread flour or all purpose flour
Two tsp salt
One pk yeast
Two tsp honey
Four tsp olive oil. You can use butter or margarine.
One cup hot milk
Two cup hot water

In a large bowl place both flours first
Add yeast and salt
Mix it
Add oil, honey and milk
Start mixing while adding hot water
Make a dough by kneading few times
Cover the bowl with cloth towel.
Place it in a warm place , let it rise to double in size for about one hour.
Once it risen double in size , take it out , knead few times, take extra flour if you need, shape it the way you like, make few cuts on dough to decorate,
Place the dough in cookie baking sheet, cover it with cloth towel for about half an hour let it rise one more time.
Preheat the oven for 400 degrees F.image
Once the oven is ready, bake the bread for about 45 minutes, bread should look like light golden brown.
Turn off the oven
Take the bread out, let it cool on wire rack before cutting.
Whole wheat bread is ready to enjoy.
Hope you like this recipe.
Do like this page and share to inspire others.
Have a wonderful day friends.

Thank you❤️


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