Home made Tahini.

imageTahini is made out of sesame seeds. It’s more popular in Israel and Greek. Tahini is used in Israely food call falafel to make tahini sauce or tahini chutney. Recently tahini is used in making hummus to eat with pita chips and sandwiches.

there are two reasons you want to make tahini at home.

One tahini is very expensive to buy. small bottle costs about eight dollars. Home made tahini costs you less than half the money you spend in grocery store.

Second reason you get fresh tahini when you make it home and it tastes way better than store bought.

lets make tasty tahini.

To make tahini you will need

Two cups Sesame seeds.

Half a cup sesame oil. You can use olive oil if you like but sesame oil tastes better.

less than half a tsp salt.

to make a tahini, first roast a sesame seeds on a medium heat slightly. make sure not to burn it. Keep stirring until it looks brown, take it out in another pan immediately so seeds won’t burn,let the seeds Cool down a little.

now add sesame seeds in a blender or food processor.

add salt.

grind the seeds to fine powder like consistency.

now add sesame oil in it and grind for a minute or two until seeds turns in to fine liquid consistency so you can easily pour in to jar.

now that your seeds turned into tahini, fill up jar and store it in a refrigerator. It will stay fresh for at least couple of months.

this tahini you can use to make falafel sauce or chutney and hummus to eat with pita chips. Enjoy.

hope you like this recipe.

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have a wonderful day.



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