Spiced rice.

This spiced rice is made out of left over plain white rice.

Sometimes you have left over plain rice and you don’t want make another Dal or vegetable to use left over rice. You don’t want to throw away perfectly good food either. That’s when comes the idea of making this Spiced rice or call it Vagharela bhat.

Let’s Vaghar the left over rice.


Two cups left over rice

Two tsp oil for tampering or vaghar

Half tsp mustard seeds

Pinch of crushed fenugreek seeds or methi seeds

Pinch of hing or asafetida

Couple of green peppers cut in small pieces

Half tsp turmeric powder

One tsp red chili powder

Half tsp salt or according to taste

Half tsp sugar

Few drops fresh lemon juice

One or two garlic cloves cut in small pieces

Any spice you can use according to your taste

Let’s make Spiced rice

On medium heat ,place saucepan

Add oil. When oil start moving that’s when you know it’s ready.

Add mustard seeds

Add few fenugreek seeds

Add hing when seeds starts cracking

Add green peppers and garlic right after

Sauté for few seconds

Add turmeric powder for instant color.

Quickly add left over rice

Mix it well

Now add salt, sugar, red chili powder

Add few drops of lemon juice

Mix it all keeping heat low until rice looks all covered with spices and colorful.

Your spiced rice is ready to eat with your favorite flat bread or roti and yoghurt. Tastes good alone too.

I hope you like this recipe.

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Have a wonderful day.


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