A traditional Gujrati savory dish or call it spicy cake to enjoy anytime.
It’s healthy and wholesome made with rice and few split beans and spices.
Handvo can be made with just plain flour or you can add your favorite vegetables.
Today I am making onion Handvo.
You can prepare authentic batter by soaking two cups of rice.
Half cup mung Dal.
Half cup chickpeas Dal.
Half cup udad Dal or split beans for few hours, grind it
Add one cup yoghurt.
Mix it well and leave it over night.
in the morning batter should be ready to bake Handvo.
Two tsp salt or to taste.
Half tsp turmeric powder.
One tsp red chili powder.
Couple of green chili peppers crushed.
One tsp sugar.
Half tsp baking soda.
Two Thinly cut sliced onions.
Mix it all well.
Prepare tampering
About half cup or less oil
Mustard seeds
Sesame seeds
Hing or asafetida powder
To bake Handvo:
Preheat the oven for 350 degrees
While oven heating
Make tampering :
Heat oil
Once oil get hot
Add mustard seeds
Add sesame seeds
Add hing
Add pinch of turmeric powder
Add pinch of red chili powder for rich colors
Add couple of tsp prepared tampering in the batter.
Add few tsp tampering in bottom of the baking dish and spread to cover with it.
Pour the batter in baking dish
Add rest of the remaining Vaghar or tampering on top of the batter by using small spoon like I did.
Once the oven is ready, bake Handvo for about twenty minutes, by that time Handvo should be ready.
Check couple of times see bottom turning brown and crusty, top should be golden brown and edges should be nice and crusty
Piercing knife in the middle check if it comes out clean to make sure the the Handvo is well cooked from inside.
Turn off the oven .
Make pieces with knife.
Enjoy with you favorite chutney, coffee or tea☕️
Have a good day friends.❤️


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